Friday, May 13, 2011

Mike Huckabee presents ReagaWorship (In Stilted, Colorless CGI!)!

What happens when you mix worthless "historians" with America-first jingoism, abysmal nationalism, horrible writing, and crap-awful animation?

Mike Huckabee presents Learn Our History dot Com! Watch out for the pop-up talking Mike Huckabee, by the way.

You can view the whole video by purchasing it from LOH (hmmm... is this a secret giveaway?) for the low price of $10. In fact, if they sell two copies, they will run a profit!

More at Talking Points Memo, for those who dare...

Alisa made me consider putting in the hilarious (and awfully ironic, coming from the Religious Right theocrats and war-mongers) WWII sneak-peek as well.

Notice how swiftly they move those bikes on the beach to avoid becoming collateral damage!
Notice how passionate the newsie is as he talks about enlistment!
Notice that Hitler is talking about his mission being from God (and how they have to get rid of an inferior race)!
"Even the gals were in on it!"
You go, girl!
All this - AND MORE - can be yours for the low, low price of around fifteen dollars.


  1. My husband sent me a link to this earlier this morning. Good. Night. The WWII one was my personal favorite.


  2. o, lord. might as well post it. we should have a running commentary.

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