Saturday, August 23, 2008

"When someone calls you to pray"...

Some of my more conservative readers may not care for this, but, oh well...

Relevant Media Group founder and publisher Cameron Strang (whose Relevant Podcast is entering its death throes, apparently, now that Adam is leaving as I just found out this afternoon) turned down an invitation to give the benediction at the Democratic National Convention next week. As you can imagine, he had to say no because it would compromise his position from being 'neutral'. That would make sense, since he works in media and much of his base is still conservative - even though they (we) may be on the liberal side of that swing, his audience tends to be evangelical. By nature, ev's are a conservative animal.

So, which fuddy-duddy Unitarian minister, United Methodist gay pastor, or Earthen Priestess did the DNC finally pick to replace Strang? Donald-flippin'-Miller! Yes!

For the uninitiated, I say skip the over-hyped (but still decent) Blue Like Jazz and head straight for Searching for God Knows What. I talked briefly about both of them here and here.

h/t to Jeffrey Overstreet

Friday, August 01, 2008


Where have I been all my life? Or all of July at least?

Here. (PLUG!!!!!)

I miss blogging here, though. Anyway, we're leaving for Colombia tomorrow and been really busy just trying to keep all things together - as well I had a couple week long writing projects that really took longer and more out of me than expected.

Tomorrow my wife and I leave for Medellin, Colombia for just over a week, and then on to Bogata. I'm pretty excited, but I think that's just nerves. Whatever it is, it's helping to keep me awake even on days like today where I've received no coffee whatsoever.

My wife is thrilled, however. It's a sort of home-coming for her. She spent over six years of her life there before I anchored her down in the US of A.

It just turned her birthday fifteen minutes ago from this sentence. We will be leaving in twelve hours. Would appreciate prayers. (Do I sound desperate here? Like last will & testament type stuff? It's the lack of sleep making me a bit histrionic. Just a little bit to lighten the melancholy.)

I thought I should leave my anonymous friends and anybody else who would care to a link to an article on pro-life ideology and torture.