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Shout It from the Rooftops (The Left Cheek Series, Book 1)

Jesus did not say that your life is meaningless. His "good news" wasn't that we are horrible people deserving of eternal punishment. He said his kingdom is here among you.

This book is meant as an introduction for the curious, for the Christian who's a bit restless with the way her Christianity has been presented to her, for the journeyman uncomfortable with the image of Christianity presented by religious leaders and politicians.

Interview I give for the book (with myself) here. This short book is available in:
Print: $5.50
Kindle: $2.99

Pedestrian Parenting (A Memoir)

If Jenny Lawson, David Sedaris, and Anne Lammot had a baby and that baby could write... That'd be one scary smart baby! The fine motors skills alone would be supernatural.

Every child is wonderful because each human is exceptional. That is the main thrust of this very hilarious, sometimes moving, book told through the perspective of a daddy trying and often failing to go against the grain. If every person is wonderful and brilliant and unique, after all, then the ways that society has taught us to raise them – through buying, through plugging in, through perfectly controlled environments – are woefully inadequate.

This book is about trying to stop the cycles of violence in the most personal (and sometimes hilarious) of matters.

On Kindle for $2.99

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