Saturday, February 14, 2009

Oscar Week #1: Wall*E

Oscar week (where I try to recount my favorite movies from 2008 as I'm catching up to them) starts today. My review of my favoritest movie of the year (and favorite for a long time) is posted at friend, pastor (and blogger) David's Signs of Life blog.

I really love that film in a way that I think my review doesn't quite express. But the review was festering in my head and I didn't write down and wrestle with the passages until the last few minutes. So what's left is a sprawling bit of a mess that I don't have the talent to put together in the last few minutes. I may just re-edit the piece and repost it here at the end of the week. But don't let that stop you from going to SoL and making a comment.

As far as what qualifies as an Oscar Week pic at LeftCheek:
1) I'd have to really like it. (Sorry, Tropic Thunder)
2) I'd have to have had an interest in seeing it, in order to see it (sorry, Benjamin Button)
3) It should have either been released in 2008 or widely released in 2008 (therefore, even though There Will Be Blood was released in '07 and in fact nominated for Best Pic at the last Oscars, most people didn't get a chance to view it until '08. Then again, most people chose not to. Sometimes, it sucks to be most people).

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Weekend Links We Like to Link to

The early history of Gitmo. And, Gitmo replies to the closing of Gitmo:

Other Daily Show pieces on Gitmo/Guantanamo Baywatch here.

Interesting article at NYTimes about how the financial district tends to lead the way in the cyclical nature of executive pay. This actually seems like good news to my ears, a kind of leveling off. No mention, however, was made to how this Great Pay Deduction may affect pampered sports stars. But all signs point to: let 'em loose and suffer like the rest of us!

Fellow Facebook users, protect yourselves! There's actually a lot of stuff on here that I wasn't aware of, and before I get my professional on again, I'll have to put 'em to good practice. (via A. T. at Facebook)