Sunday, May 15, 2011

blogging updates

due to some snafus at the Blogger universe, a post i wrote and published on racism (ironically titled, "And that's tragic...") got moved back in time. somehow. i'm not quite sure what happened, or why i wasn't warned before i started fiddling with it (and then had to find out through searching the blogger blog) - because now it's stuck and i have to meticulously RE-edit it again.

and as much as i love editing. i hate re-editing. hopefully, however, that post and its second part sister will be up early this week. the final part (i'm hoping beyond hope) should be up next week - if i'm going to actually spend an hour each day actually writing, that is. and not just fibbing away on facebook, et al. (though gotta admit that the upcoming elections are interesting in a "look at the dog whistles that crazy MoFo is blowing" kinda way)

in addition to those three posts, i expect to start publishing excerpts from some essays that i've done on parenting and teaching - along with some newer parts - soon. i had originally planned to do two different books, one on each subject. but i'm starting to think the theme is too strong to not combine them as one.

add in a few last-minute posts, some sudden inspirations (if i'm lucky), and some responses (also if i'm lucky) to some of my friendly blogs and i may be up to regular blogging speed (or more) shortly.


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