Friday, June 08, 2007

Food and Dylan's Enduring Legacy

I'm getting ready to fire up the ol' grill (i.e., stove top) with some yummy-yummy Boca Burgers.

Which, I find out later, my wife abhors. Abhors, I tell you!

I didn't think they were too bad.

You know you gotta oil up the frying pans for these meatless boigahs? I guess it makes sense.

But don't worry, fellow meat-lovers, jasdye is NOT going vegan. Meat is in my blood. In fact, it's in my bloodstream. And my flesh. And, of course, my colon.

But I am well-aware of the fact that I'm grossly overweight. And I need to take drastic (though not Atkins-type drastic) steps to losing weight.

I'm thinking Richard Simmons.

Okay, not quite.

Or at least not yet.

But at 250 lbs. and counting, I don't think I should take too many more Richard Simmons-less steps.

and to take your mind off that image...

"Well, at least I didn't write that stupid 'So You Had a Bad Day' song."

h/t to Paste Magazine