Sunday, April 30, 2006

This is your Sunday Afternoon Special

Mars Ill's long-long-long awaited Pro*Pain is finally releasing Tuesday. Send for your copy. Do it, now. Before it goes underground for real. A couple of tracks from this (and a couple from their phenomenal re-mix Backwaterprophets) are streamed at their MySpace. A couple more are available at their record company's site,, if you can wade through the teen artists that are the label's bread and butter. Of note are "Saturday Night Special" and "Sound Off."
The Bulls have taken two games from the over-talented, under-performing Miami Heat and are tied, with both teams winning two in this best-of-seven series. Personally, I have nothing against Shaq, and I like Wade. But Riley made the biggest, most stupid mistake of his life by overstocking his team with ego. Here's to hoping that the games stay competetive and close. And that the Bulls take one away from the Heat on Miami's homeground.

Countdown: 4 days. Yum.

I missed a lot of work because my lower neck/upper back/shoulder blades region was hurting like the devil. It took a very calm visit to the ER to discover that it may just be a muscle thing. Some ibuprofen and a couple naps have taken care of it, for the most part. Now I'm way behind in my grading. On a related note, pink slips went out from CPS central last week. O boy!

Sometimes when I go to bars and ask for my requisite oj (I just don't drink) I get some extra pulpy stuff. But, y'know, it's a bar. And it's pretty decent. Last night's "Freshly squeezed" tasted like they freshly squeezed some Minute Maid (from the fountain) and then watered it down. Not that anything in a bar is worth its price, but this surely wasn't worth 2.50, fo' sho.

I'm looking for a place to bring my kids for a field trip. I'd like to take them to a drama. We'll be going through "Romeo and Juliet" for most of the rest of the year. As my sweetie says, Fun, fun.

Adam wrote a good article for Relevant Magazine. Timi's still blogging, but she isn't telling any of her award-winning stories at this point. We're waiting for the stories.

And "The Office"? Still funny as heck.

I'm done!


  1. Hey, that was yesterday. Wow, that snuck up on me. How's the new disc?

  2. funny how 2 years plus can just sneak up on ya.

    i don't know yet. hasn't reached my mailbox yet. andree farias wrote a good review of it, though (and how i trust that man!)

  3. Dude, apparently you need to activate the word verification.

    I hear all this great stuff about Mars Ill, but have never heard their stuff (unless they did a collaboration on the BK & Associates disc I have). One day...


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