Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Mars Ill is trying to kill me!

ProPain is the one album I've been looking forward to buying this summer. It was originally set to be released early in spring by Gotee Records. But there were some sample-clearing issues and Gotee wanted to push the record like it does with some of their other acts (Relient K is now on TRL. I didn't even know TRL is on tv anymore You know, like maybe it was on Kiss FM or something.) and/or something else.

But now the records being pushed back even further. And, to top it off, their site's still closed due to tech difficulties.

The news over at Deepspace 5's site is that the album was delayed by EMI, the evil distributor, for as-yet undisclosed reasons. In the meantime, listen to two new hots on their myspace (sorry, ladies) spot.

L.A. Symphony, apparently, is supposed to drop a fresh rec in Okt.

And apparently, getting a hold of Sufjan Steven's Illinois is hard to do - especially if you want a cover with Superman flying through Chicago (which I had always dreamed of) since DC Comics once again pulled out the cease and desist (just like they did for Capt. Marvel).

Flash Gordon, where are you? We need you!
5 points for both the references of that quote.

Edit: And check out their radio interview/performance.


  1. How I love Mars ILL.


    *takes moment of silence*

    is SO underrated!

  2. and he takes HORRIBLE pictures...ugh....

    also, I tried my best to dig sufjan...he's too tenor-airy for me. But through my search, i came across Denison Witmer....wow...for him, I spent 9 bucks on iTunes!
    good tunes.

  3. who takes horrible pix? manCHILD? don't know if i've seen 'em?

    and whatever happened to spreadin' love like take 6?

    i've heard of witmer before. but why has it been so long and what do i remember? but, hey, you spent money on somebody. deep.

    forget his vox. nobody instantly likes dylan's voice. they'd be crazy to. but dude can write some songs. i liked that performance. songs haunted me through the day.


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