Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Unless the Lord build the House... WHAT??

Chicago's fave youth pastor, Phil Jackson (no relation, trust me, I've seen his car), and his upstart hip hop church, the House, were featured on Chicago's Very Own WGN News the other night. Despite the forewarning I got, I missed the episode (probably blogging, but I almost never watch the news anyway). But here's the transcript.

I was at this particular service. They do a similar, sex-themed episode probably once a year. It was brutally honest. And grotesque. They showed pictures of infected genitalia, both male and female. I wonder if they showed those on the tele. It was also the first time my pastor (who also knows Phil) came to one of the services with us. It's a bit telling that he enjoyed himself - he understands crudity for the cause. But it's also telling that The House advertises itself as having explicit content and appropriate only for those 12 & over. We joked, when they first started that, that "All y'all 11 and under, you gotta leave. You're too sensitive. Y'all 12 & over, y'all need to hear this. Y'all freaky. Y'all stayin'."

Plus, they've had at least two concerts with Cross Movement (more than packing out both times) and have given space for newer groups (at first I didn't like the CM-posing that I heard from Holy Culture [i.e., the name], but now they've got their voice. I'm'a buy an album). So, props to all the kids and prayer warriors (I see you, mamas) holding down the fort for Christ and the streets melding in the Church and the prototype at The House.

Holler at a playstation.


  1. Hip-hop churches confuse me a little, maybe because I've never attended one in person (but have seen services via le tele). What I like about them is their humanist approach to the masses (because not many streetcore kids would want to attend a decked out church dressed in slow rhythmed hymns and Dolce&Gabanna)..yet, how does one really get into praise & worship? And how do you get streetcore kids to actually immerse themselves into opening up their spirits to Yeshua in that way?

    I'm sure you can break it down para mi :)

    And Holy Culture is hardcore, my friend! It honestly is my favorite CM album (and I have all of them). They really shined lyrically and spiritually on this one, pulling out all the stops (and don't diss the DJ!). Phanatik aka my would-be future husband showed the most growth I feel, and his solo project is just an extrapolation of that.

    I'd like to attend the House one day. As long as they welcome me with a 'We love Canadians!' banner and a hot bowl of maple syrup.

  2. about the same time that Holy Culture the album was dropping, i caught a free Grits concert (say what you like, but grammatical revolution... is a hot hot album) with this group Holy Culture as one of the opening acts. most of the opening acts (there must've been like 20 of 'em, and this was before grits was the international supas they are now) were biters. i just figured hc among the crowd because the CM influence was heavy like a brick pillow.

    But i kinda grown to like 'em.

    i'm sure canada will one day have it's own hip hop church. 'cuz we sure as heckie not gon' welcome no da'-gone cannucks round these hear parts. no sirree.


  3. Ohhh we're having two different conversations. I had thought you didn't like the Holy Culture ALBUM BY CM, calling their approach on the album 'poserish'...I didn't even know a Holy Culture GROUP existed. D'accord. Je comprende.

    And you'll NEVER have to defend yourself talking bout "Coffee, coffee, coffee, Bone, bone, bone!" because I even like the Grits more than I do CM (that's a recent development though, have you heard Dichotomy A and B yet? CLASSICS. Grammatical definitely was dopeness though.)

  4. haven't gotten myself excited enough to listen to those albums. i guess i should, since they are a departure from that uber-commercial route they were heading just previous.

    please, CM being anything other than the truth? i been down with 'em g, since they was truly underground.

    today i picked up a copy of CCM. it's been a while. and i was reminded why. pero, hermana, they said that CM's fan base is climbing at like 100 g's strong. which is great. they don't have that hype machine. the closest they ever got to a real record deal was recording HC on BEC, who've got like the Supertones and a bunch of cruch-metal stuff i'd never listen to. oh, and they put out starflyer 59 and fold zandura. and for a bit they distributed tunnel rats' stuff and mars hill and deepspace 5 and all these terrific underground stuff. but i'm getting off-track here.

    CM spread like how they should spread. stellar quality. not backing down to anybody but God. 100%. word-of-mouf. they're hot, and as they said, they "spread like butter when it hits the bread."


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