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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Weekend Links We Like to Link to - Super Duper Deluxe Edition!

This is to make up for sucking at blogging here the last few months (although you can still find me - at least through the next month - blogging at ChicagoDads. I think I did some pretty decent posts there this last week, if I do say so myself.)

Maureen Dowd's righteous indignation at these idiots who take our money and reward themselves for doing it.

Since we're speaking of harsh lifestyle changes for the rich: It's the Economy, Stupi... Girlfriends (and mistresses). (Micah via Twitter)

Graphic novelist (and recent Newberry Winner) Neil Gaiman gives it to us straight: Where do ideas come from? Also, just a bit of slant, too.

Be warned: There be slow zones and zombies ahead! (Jeffrey Overstreet via Facebook)

Berkeley, oh, Berkeley. Thanks for reminding me of where hippies went wrong [and why I want to kick them]. (@spydrz via Twitter)

Young Adult Literature writing kit
. If it sounds familiar, that's because it's been done, time, and time, and time, and time again.

Another reason to not name your boy Sue or Roddrick: Jail time. (ibid)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Weekend Links We Like to Link to - Happy News (?)

Sorry it took so long to post. Been trying to get some jobs out there and trying not to post on political stuff.

Good to know that not all rich people are stingy. Warren Buffet (whom I heard really recently overtook Bill Gates as the richest person in the world) is not only the first or second richest person, but also the biggest donor among billionaires (in terms of amount donated vs actual wealth) . Gates is second on this list. How much is Buffet worth? Fifty-two billion dollars. How much has he given recently? Between 2001-2006 he donated over $46 billion. Of course, once you hit over 20 billion smackaroonies, you really gotta ask, "Besides become my own superhero - or trying to take one down - what else could I do with this excess moola?"

I had some thoughts about this topic - Christian teenagers going off to college and (at least temporarily) storing their religion away (and not losing it as popularly believed) - and I recognized that my thoughts on it wouldn't fit into this format. So, I'll continue reading this article (and see what else I can find on it) and post my thoughts up on ChicagoDads.
h/t to MarkO

Okay, here's the happy news:

Can it get any more giddy than that?
h/t to MarkO

Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekly Links We Like to Link to - Hystorical Christianity Edition

If President George W. Bush were to convert to Catholicism (and he may, if sources are to believed, after he leaves the Oval Office), would that mean that a lot of us who consider ourselves post-Evangelical may return to the mainstream Evangelical fold? Would a lot of progressive Catholics see this as their last straw and leave their churches?
One can only imagine...

Something about this is troubling my soul...

Speaking of Christian imaginings, an archaeologist believes that he may have found the oldest church in the world underneath the rubble from an already-ancient Christian church, dated from about 35 to 70 AD, in Jordan. The church is believed to have housed-of-worship the original 70 disciples.
To be quite honest, I don't buy it. With the notable exceptions of Paul, his followers and their converts, the earliest Christians - especially the 70 - didn't really leave Jerusalem until about AD 70, if I have my memory intact (though I guess across the river may have been one spot where they may have congregated). Furthermore, the "evidences" proffered up by Mr. Hussein seem sketchy at best.
I mean, it could just as likely be this guy's temple.
h/t to Relevant and again to MarkO

And finally... Sex and the City? Not on our watch! Did Christianity Today's movie website endorse pornography in their review of the movie?
Now, before you answer that, consider this: They gave it 3 WHOLE STARS! That's a half more star than the current Jesus movie, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Something or Other Involving a Lot of Battle Scenes and Stuff Not in the Book or Series but, What the Heck, We Really Liked the Lord of the Rings Movies So We Tried to Emulate Them.
The original review by Camerin Courtney is here.
The scathing smack-down by Focus on the Family Singles Guy Ted Slater is here. (Yes, you read that right. He told them - all up in their face and as the t-i-t-l-e of his piece, that they "relish in sexual perversion" and that they need to "repent". Wooooord!)
The cooking of the smack-down by Jeffrey Overstreet is here. (Doesn't Mr. Overstreet understand that to argue with someone who is so obviously right and on God's side is to take the side of the devil? Is Overstreet a baby-eating, cat-sacrificing warlock? I think so.)
The clarification of said smack-down is here.
And the reiteration of the original cooking of the smack-down (which, by its nature of not changing the argument is itself a put-down) is here.
So, the obvious answer is "Yes."
Btw, this is how ALL movies should be reviewed, by strict normative standards of decency and by counting sex scenes and cussing words, not some wishy-washy subjective uses. God doesn't want us to waste our precious minds on thinking about what we're watching, but rather on thinking about how to best judge the poor saps who can't see clearly that what they are doing is poisonous to God. Thank you Plugged In for watching dirty, filthy, unsettling, troubling, complicated and earthy movies so we don't have to.
I'm just glad we were warned by these gate-keepers about that horror-skin-flick The Passion of the Christ before I went to see that. Did you hear about all the buckets of blood in that movie? Not to mention the torn-apart eyes, skin, the rotted carcass... I just don't think Jesus would approve of me watching that type of filth.

(Did I lay it on too thick?)

And finally, youth ministry for the post-Evangelical churches. InternetMonk has got some ideas, some of which I've heard before, but it's good to get so many under one roof.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekly Links We Like to Link to - misc.

No theme today, except for themelessness.

From the trusted LarkNews, a megachurch with satellites transforms into a coffee chain. Attendance skyrockets.

Interim principal tells juniors at an all-girls Catholic school that they cannot go to the prom without a male date (with only weeks to go).
h/t to YPulse

MarkO raves about a documentary focusing on a high school in Indiana. American Teen tells the stories of "the school queen bee, the top jock, the dreamboat guy, a unnoticed geek, and an artsy girl who doesn’t fit in." Yes, it sounds like the Breakfast Club in a very White America. And it sounds wonderful. Can't wait to see it.

Oh, and there's these Muppet movie posters (there were a lot of good ones, but I thought these were five of the most iconic. What do you think?):

Though the movie poster (while definitely not the movie itself) is an instant classic, the riff on it here seems timeless.

And definitely not least...

h/t to Peter Chattaway.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Listen (oo-ah-oo) listen closely and I'll tell you a secret

Having been a youth leader and teacher most of my adult life, in a sense, the secret lives of girls isn't really new to me. After all, having read so many barely-shielded journals of teenagers (and definitely hearing more than my share of unsolicited out-loud thoughts), nothing should shock me anymore. But yet, I'm always shocked, frustrated, angry and saddened reading these types of thoughts (which mostly 10-15 year old girls posted on a page in Allykatz).

“Some times I want to shoot myself...”

“I'm sick of being lied to. I'm sick of being betrayed. I'm sick of putting other people's burdens on me and thinking it won't hurt me. I wish I had some true friends, not just one or two. I wish I could have one of those big groups of friends like EVERYBODY does at school. I wish. But I only wish...”

“all right i am in love with a guy who has a gf and i dont know if i still like this other guy my family drives me nuts and when i get annoyed by them they yell at me and i just wanna go into my room and cry sometimes but when i am in my room sometimes my dad will walk in and see what i am doing so i cant cry because they will find out i just need him so much i want him to be able to tell me everything is okay. ”

“i have a crush on my brother”

“my bffs mock me, we wer @ a slep ovr an di was asleep but 1/2 awake.. my eyes closed i herd the mtalk about me lke "yea hshe listens 2 since u been gone! lol" and then moked the song!!! i hte u guys now! 2 of ya r on here! and omg, this all sucks.......i wanna die.... like suicide now! and i wanna b out of this house.. free on my own! w/ my frends u kno rent a duplex w/ my bff she shares the house w/ me.. omg we even r plannning on that! =) good times...... until my BF and ibroke up got back 2gethr and stuff ever since that....... they hate me, sadly they(my bff and othr bff) got him & me 2getrhr!!!!! it makes me wanna kill myself”

But some of the secrets posted here (for the benefit, btw, of other female teens and tweens who are going through similar emotional turmoil) are funny -intentionally or not.

“im goth on the outside but on the inside im a preppy. Like secretly if i could paint my room i woould paint it pink.”

“I lyke a jerk!! Dunno y either! Just so hot i guess!! ”

“I want to be emo but I want to be preppy. sometimes I 'll wear stuff from AERO or abercombie and fitch. And sometimes I'll wear stuff like skelanimals and I just dyed my hair black... EMO OR PREPPY????* UGHUGHUGH”

“don don doooooonn guess what my secret is? i want a pet MONKEY!!!!!!!!! but everyone thinks im CRAZY!!!!!! oh and im obsessed with saying i like pie!**..."

h/t to Marko

*Aren't they the same?
**I, also, like pie.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Weekend Links We Like to Link to - the non-political edition

The Packers tell fans that Favre went away to live in a farm. (from The Onion)

"Don't be sad," Packer head coach Mike McCarthy told fans, many of whom began crying audibly, shaking their heads, or turning away at the news. "You should be happy for Brett. He is in a much better place now. He has many of your other favorite Packers, really great Packers like Reggie White and Ray Nitschke and Max McGee, to keep him company. And he even has a coach—Vince Lombardi is on that farm, too."

Although Packers officials gave no specific details of the farm, its location, or the family who will now take care of Favre, Thompson confirmed that it is "far, far away, beyond the football fields we know, in a very happy place where Brett will never be cold or get sacked ever again."

"There are no winters there, and no injuries, and no interceptions, and even though people will play football with Brett all day, they all have so much fun that no one remembers who won or who lost," McCarthy added.

The penny-farthing for extremists:

According to Brad [the creator], the 12-foot SkyWalker is so strong that it can
easily take a 500-pound pilot, a little trivia fact that makes me imagine a
Fantasia hippo driving one.
h/t to Mark o

On teens and the amount of time watching tv and internet (i.e., screen time):

"Girls that lived in more disadvantaged neighborhoods were four times more likely to be in these high viewing groups. And boys in disadvantaged neighborhoods were two to three times more likely to be in this high-risk group," said Barnett.

h/t to YPulse

Friday, February 22, 2008

Weekend Links We Like to Link to, 2

Slim pickens this week.

Oscar snubs of terrible magnitude throughout time.
Or, how I learned to stop caring and not watch the Oscars.

Speaking of movies, watch the entirety of No End in Sight here. For free.

Teens cursing? OMFG!
h/t to Ypulse

I don't think I could say this any better than Peter T. Chattaway did here:
Indian Sex Symbol to Play Jesus's Celibate Yogi.

If you don't know or haven't been in a while, this is the Jasdye family blog. Seriously, the cutest baby in the world. I don't know how to say that without sounding like just another cocky parent. But what can I say? I'm sincere.
We wish you a happy, belated and late Valentines Day.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Weekend Links I Like to Link to

That's right, baby-girl. Not only do you get to EAT the cake, you can be the cake! Because that's what you are. You ARE the cake, baby-girl. Don't let nobody tell you otherwise.

h/t to Ypulse

  • This guy thinks that: 1) The King James Version of the Bible is the only authentic version of the Bible; 2) pissing against the wall is manly; 3) the editors of such blasphemous modern day translations of the Bible as the New International Version not only don't piss against the wall, they do so sitting down! Shame on the emasculated editors of a translation of the Bible that no one really uses anymore!

    h/t to Terrance Crawford.

  • Samurai Jesus? It's about time! On the rise of Manga depictions of the Bible:

The medium shapes the message. Manga often focuses on action and epic. Much of the Bible, as a result, ends up on the cutting room floor, and what remains is darker...
In "The Manga Bible," whose heroes look and sound like skateboarders in Bedouin gear, Noah gets tripped up counting the animals in the Ark: "That's 11,344 animals? Arggh! I've lost count again. I'm going to have to start from scratch!"

Abraham rides a horse out of an explosion to save Lot. Og, king of Bashan, looms like an early Darth Vader. The Sermon on the Mount did not make the book, though, because there was not enough action to it...

The book is meant to be a first taste of the Bible, which many feel too intimidated to read, Akinsiku said. Every few pages, a small tab refers to the biblical verses the action covers.

"For the unchurched, the book is to show that this thing, the Bible, is still relevant," he said, "because it talks about what human beings do when they encounter God."...

The goal of [niche-marketed] Bibles is not just to win people to Christ, but to particular ways of thinking, said Jason BeDuhn, associate professor of religious studies at Northern Arizona University. Akinsiku said the biblical message he wanted to underscore was justice, especially for the poor.

Again, h/t to Ypulse

  • Interesting series at PoMoMusings on the Kingdom of God with guest authors like Brian McLaren, Phyllis Tickle, Ryan Dobson (yes, son of the Doctor James) and Tony Jones giving a fresh, new and - dare I say - for the most part emerging/post-modern spin on a topic that, quite honestly, I did not hear enough of growing up in the church (in fact, I think until the last couple years, mostly I only heard about heaven and/or hell). No one is going to agree with everything here, but these are good thoughts/questions to have. I look forward to reading through them in the coming weeks.

  • Again, via Ypulse: the Choking Game

At least 82 youths have died from the so-called "choking game," according to the first government count of fatalities from the tragic fad.

In the game, children use dog leashes, bungee cords wrapped around their necks or other means to temporarily cut blood flow to their head. The goal is a dreamlike, floating-in-space feeling when blood rushes back into the brain.

As many as 20 percent of teens and preteens play the game, sometimes in groups, according to some estimates based on a few local studies...

CDC officials urged parents to be aware the fad exists, and to watch for possible warning signs like bloodshot eyes, marks on the neck, frequent and severe headaches, disorientation after spending time alone, and ropes, scarves or belts tied to bedroom furniture or doorknobs or found knotted on the floor.

Yeah, I'm still getting over the whole cutting phenom.

  • OK, one last one from Ypulse:

Hip-hop duo ATMOSPHERE are... publishing their own children's book.Atmosphere rapper Slug has written the 40-page tome, which will be illustrated by sketches and accompanied by lyrics to the band's songs. The U.S. group will release the book with their new LP When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That S**t Gold later this year. (article, of which I quoted almost the entire thing)

Yessir! And don't forget, little men, to piss against the wall!

  • It's like, sometimes you feel the weight of the world. And it's so heavy and it's bringing you down. Oh no. But you, gotta get up, you gotta get up:

Yeah, like that. Thanks, Pigeon John.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Misc. Wednesday

  • Hillary plays my favorite game from my childhood. That's why we love her:

Lady in the Yellow Jacket '08 Clap Clap Point Point

  • So, it seems that bloggers do have some influence in the Evangelical Christian Academic World after all. Just crappy, negative and plain ignorant influence. To be fair, my brother went to this school (Cedarville, in southern Ohio near Dayton) and it is on the right side of the Evangelical shrift, but the fact that they were scared off of featuring a speaker (an avowed Christian speaker, who works in the Christian realm) by some bloggers who aren't even in the school because this speaker, Shane Claiborne, is in some way - although not officially - partial to the Emergent movement. To people who are not aware, for a smidgen of the right-wing Ev world, Emergents are the devil. That's because it is a movement that's hard to try to figure out. So people who don't know anything about history or church history (well, outside of the Reformers and their followers, perhaps) see it as an affront to the Church and orthodoxy, not understanding that their understanding of 'orthodoxy' (or, right teaching) is very much informed by the Age of Reasoning and is every bit as dangerous as - if not more so than - any of the theology or even pseudo-theology peddled by the Emergents (which, again, is a very wide tent and is extremely diverse in their practices and doctrinal leanings. It is not an organized or centralized classification or denomination. The only real constant is that Emergents want to do church differently in order to reach - and because they are a part of - a different generation).

But the truth is, a visit to Claiborne's website has me more convinced that he is much more old-school and orthodox (and creative. And compassionate) than those that fear him and try to shut him up.

The bad news is that the school was scared off by scare tactics of people who aren't even directly involved in the school, who would not go to the meetings in the first place, who would not even talk with Mr. Claiborne themselves, but rather - from a place of unnecessary fear and through a place of constipating fear - put pressure on a school to so-called maintain its integrity.

Bull. If they have integrity, they shouldn't worry about hearing someone out (especially an activist who was going to speak on dealing with the poor out of a genuine place) just because they disagree with him.

Heck, maybe they were offended by truth such as this:

If you ask most people what Christians believe, they can tell you, “Christians believe that Jesus is God’s Son and that Jesus rose from the dead.” But if you ask the average person how Christians live, they are struck silent. We have not shown the world another way of doing life. Christians pretty much live like everybody else; they just sprinkle a little Jesus in along the way. And doctrine is not very attractive, even if it’s true.

  • Even though we really don't watch tv in this house (and there should be enough movies to keep us busy for awhile - although, I haven't found much besides Once that Jen and I both liked), I'm more than glad that the strike is over. It was draining watching Conan spin his little coins several times in a row, trying to beat his record. Not the same as his Walker, Texas Ranger lever. Speaking of Walker, though, this was probably the best part of the strike, the "ongoing feud" between Conan O'Brien, Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart.

  • Interesting article at Ypulse about how affluent suburban kids are more messed up than inner-city kids.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Just Say "Wait"

Gene Edward Veith of World Magazine asks why, statistically speaking at the least, Evangelical Christian teens are more sexually active (and at a younger age) than non-Evangelical teens are. (And World Magazine being a conservative, Republican-based, Classics-themed mag, some of his language, phrasing and solutions are not up to PC-code. Sorry if that embarrasses anyone.)

But what really got my attention (and my ears burning) was at the end:

[T]he Bible does offer a direct solution for people who are burning in lust: marriage (1 Corinthians 7:9). Adolescence—that time when a person is physically an adult but socially a child—is a modern invention. In the past, people married much younger, as soon as they were sexually ready. Today's culture postpones marriage while stretching celibacy to the breaking point.

A counter-cultural church may do well to encourage younger marriages. The young couple may still need the financial support of their parents and the social support of their fellow Christians. But this would be better than the current hypocrisy and guilt. And it would fulfill God's positive purpose for sexuality.

I know I have a few problems with this possible solution. But what should be taken seriously is this idea of the cataclysmic void era. I too believe that sex is really only viable within the marriage union, and that teenagers daily confront sex urges, not just from advertisements and general cultural signposts - which only serve to confuse them further -but from their very God-created bodies.

I also applaud Veith in not buying the standard Evangelical line, that "True Love Waits" and celibacy programs work. As he (and Lauren Winner in her marvelous book, Real Sex) notes, the effects of these campaigns are only short-lived and only temporarily delay what GNR and GEV may both call an appetite for destruction. Although self-control is certainly a good thing, it is often neglected. And even so, calls to self-control are often no more effective in the sexual area than in the peer-pressure area (remember "Just Say No"?).

On second thought, sometimes it is pretty effective...

So, maybe this is asking for too much, but I'd like to see what people think. Post your thoughts.