Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Et al.,

Just reading Richard Roeper this morning. I haven't been keeping peace or pace with the news so much. Haven't been watching much tele either. I wish that meant only good things. Just too lazy and self-involved to have taken full advantage of that.

Meee-oww! "And girl I promise you / No substitute / oh-OHH"

Anyway, back to Roeper. (The more spry of the two of "Ebert & Roeper @ the Movies" - nee "Siskel & Ebert @ the Movies" until Roger took a skillet to Gene's head.) He was mentioning how he hasn't had a chance to watch the tube recently because life's just too exciting. So an acquiantance had to tell him that Homer made a barb at his expense this Sunday night. It was the first time I've watched my baby show in weeks, and the first time for a new episode in a couple months. I was laughing, but it only seemed reflexive. Which is better than I can say of Family Guy or American Dad, unconventional for prime time tv, but not really funny after some of the novelty's worn off. In better news, the always dependable Bluth family misfortunes return next year. Watch Arrested Development or be deprived.


Either way, it's all good.

Speaking of arrested development, late last week I was miffed, to say the least, about a story that Newsweek invented to garner attention, regardless of the consequences. Seems like that's a culture happening at that rag. Sources, my hairy arse...

And yet, the White House statement that Newsweek's actions were irresponsible and damaged our nation's reputation abroad as well as risked innocent lives, while true and serious and seemingly neglected by the staff at that mag, is a bit of kettle-calling.

Quote of the day, "The man who reads nothing at all is better informed than the man who reads nothing but newspapers." Thomas Jefferson, as quoted here.

"A game of horseshoes... /
Now I see the importance of history..."


  1. Oh maaaaaan
    Dude, I promise I didn't read this post until AFTER i read mine!

    So weird...
    maybe we ARE twins.


  2. zimbabwe to you too.

  3. And THAT, you two...

    is freakish.

    I used to be very miffed with the SHOW Arrested Development when it first premiered, or with Fox rather, because Arrested Development the GROUP did file a lawsuit in defence of their name. They lost though. Minority wars *sigh* never have favorable results. They lost simply because they weren't mainstream enough to be widely known enough to have a more footed claim...enough. Yeah. I was miffed dangit.

    But the show is kinda funny.

    Oh and THIS had me in stiches!

    "the White House statement that Newsweek's actions were irresponsible and damaged our nation's reputation abroad as well as risked innocent lives..."

    HAHAHAHAA! I'm surprised Jon Stewart didn't get a hold of that. He'd do it some justice.

  4. i'm sure the daily show would've covered it by now. isn't that their job. i don't have cable. hence i never get to watch the games. hopefully the Finals'll be a different story.

    everybody knew a.d. but it's kinda like mary, mother of Jesus suing madonna for copyright infringement. it may not be right, but one's a sitcom, one's a rap group. both are bringing in the image of run-ins with the law to speak of immaturity of sorts, but that's pretty much where the similarities end.

    imagine warner bros. suing chuck d. for "Public Enemy." imagine disney suing... o wait, nevermind that one.


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