Monday, May 02, 2005

Jasonational Poetry Week

It was actually a joke. I said I'd be here all week. (HaHa! Get it? You know, like those bad Las Vegas... No? Oh... Too bad...) But I decided later this very day that maybe I should post a bunch of my stuff, one every day for the rest of the week. In the process, I may even compose one while I'm typing it (Honestly, I know this is heresy on the cyberspace [talk about Old School], but I still prefer pen and pad).

And, yes, this is another lame attempt to get people to turn onto my blogspace in utter fascination every morning. Of course it will work, says the naive dummy, not aware that in general people don't like poetry and are not surfing the web for words, but smut.

The one that follows this post (er, precedes, depending on your perspective) I wrote a couple of mad-cold winters ago. This winter in the Chi things were really mild, so I saw no reason to post it. But, dang-gone itch'all, it's been a butt-cold spring. Tomorrow and the following are supposed to be warm, so I'll get this one out while it's still semi-apropos.

Oh, and one more thing. I liked using space, at least subtly (or I thought it was subtle) for my works. This blogging conduit doesn't allow me to do that, to use space in terms of tabs, etc. I still don't know how to use colors all that effectively (I think in terms of concepts. Now, see if I was Jimi Hendrix, well, I guess I wouldn't be alive now. But when I would have, I would see and think in colors. And mushrooms. And puppy dogs with giant heads. "When all the castles/ fall in the sea / Let it be / Let it be.") nor size of font - at least not for poetry. So I think all my poetry will look more boring than how I want them to look, which I guess is cool, because I don't want to upset the balance of this blog.



Or else.


  1. Whoo-hoo! Now only if Jasonational Poetry Week could be made into a paid holiday...hmmm.

    I really like your poems. I've read all of them, but I'm never sure how to comment on GOOD poetry*. So usually I end up resorting to the technical aspects (ie.'ooo alliteration!', 'ahhhh allegory!', 'oh my what fantastic iambic pentameter!') and make broad comments that make me look like I know what I'm saying (but I never know what I'm saying, thus I'll end this nonsensical rambling..right now).

    *I'm not trying to flatter you, you just really have stellar quality pieces, I'm a lil jealous :P

  2. If we could turn my poetry into something that at the very least I could get paid for, now that would be nice.

    I was in art school for two years. We really would try to comment on everybody's work. But I always sounded like a poser, I'm sure, looking back. It was always some pop-culture reference to me because I don't know (still don't; to this day) enough about art history to make an informed opinion.

    replying to poetry, i think, is harder. it almost always sounds pretensious. and nobody wants to hear that they're *deep*. but honestly, i love gerald manley hopkins' "God's Grandeur" and much of emily dickinson and shakespeare's sonnets because of their forceful play with words. yes, substance matters somewhat. but it was HOW they framed that, how they made and obeyed, bent and bowed the rules and the english language to their submission that i love.

    but, gosh, i am flattered (tee hee*) (blush, blush)


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