Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Commodity of Love

the obvious question is what does it sound like

is it a sonnet sung from the world of old,

a duet fitting a shepherd and his nymph

a jaunty sunny whisper in sweet earlobes,

the breath he breathes postulating her kiss

but that’s not my aim today, for love–holds–

i’m sure we have an idea, we’re not stupid

i desire to know how to teach such a thing

that’s been pimped about and sold sully so

how dun are its breasts, how bitter her sting

wronged so, beaten so, raped so, bullied so

her reputation in the common markets

brandied about at all the latest kiosks:

cheap Love‘s Doves, Love’s Tokens, Love’s Bracelets

tables turned over by the spurned lover, Jesus.

the pertinent question is what does it cost us

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