Saturday, May 07, 2005

Something's screwy with my Word

Anybody know about this. It's when they show you the spaces with a little circle or put that paragraph thing for every time you click "Enter." It's driving me batty. I tried everything within my feeble powers (admittedly, not much of a computer guy. You'd think if there's one thing a nerd can do well, it would be in computers. You'd be incorrect in my case.) but I can't get 'em to just plain go away.

Went to The House again tonight. Guess who the surprise guest was tonight. Ahhh, c'mon, guess. Noooo.... It was the Ambassador. That's right, Queen Volt and all other CM fans, eat your hearts out. He played a few tracks from his album off an iPod and rapped along with them. They were nice. Afterwards I got to honk and wave at Mr. A and make him feel like he's supposed to know me or somethin'. If you're reading this, sorry man. I was just foolin'. Oh, and we did a semi-praise song and actually partook of communion. More on that in a future date.

The poem you're about to (or won't, or did already) read is in all actuality a rip-off of both a Pigeon John attitude and, simultaneously, a Simon & Garfunkle song that he copped. See if you can guess the song. Bet'cha can't! Oh, it's supposed to be spoken word with a singing twist at the end of the verse (the little chorus that ends, "loser"), but as of yet, I haven't performed it. So it's got some more kinks to go. Might as well try it out here.

Buy this album and get this man a hamburger.

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  1. Pigeon John. The Ambassador. I No comment!

    I'm coming to the House. Hands down. Really, hands down.

    I really dig that poem. DOPE. It is kinda Pigeon-Johny, but it has your own flare woven into it as well. I like they way you swerved the attention back to you though, the true loser. The Christological loser, that is. Switchfoot said it best in "Beautiful Letdown".


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