Monday, May 02, 2005

A little on the musak tip

Finally, I figured why nobody ever visits this site:

"If I'm dope you'll hit the web / and it will spread / like butter when it hits the bread / But, if not, you'll spread that too / and I bet that you'll / head-up the heads that boo (boo)."

From "Jerseys and Fitteds" by the superb CM.

Oh, and my fears of Ambassador's new solo may be allayed. They have a real, and really good, DJ now.

And this piece of news on my new faves, Arcade Fire. Two true musical giants laud them and it could only get better if they toured with U2 and rekindled their Unforgettable Fire, or gave Sir Paul his Wings back, or helped Little Stevie find his long-lost Songs in the Key of Life. Enough of the bad musicology! The greatest Davids since the original, inimitable psalmist-cum-archetype king - Bowie and Byrne - are big, big fans. Yes. Byrne did "Naive Melody" with them (Y'know, "Let the days go by / Let the waters going down." OK, I screwed up the lyrics and the songs been used in two of the worst movies I care to recall, but still, in-flippin'-credible). Bowie, for his part, "raved about Funeral on his Web site, calling it the 'album of the year,' and told Rolling Stone he'd bought a 'huge stack' of the CD to give away to friends." I got chills thinking about that. I hope you're a friend of Bowie's. If not, bite the $15 bullet and hitch-hike to your local record or elex shop.

All together now: Under Pressure... (to the tune of "Ice, Ice Baby.")

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