Thursday, May 19, 2005

got cable

I'm such a lame. But I'll get to watch the rest of the games (if I'm lucky. Dang. We should've gotten DVR with it or something. No, I'm fooling. True sports fans can't even spell rekording.)

Hopefully, I can talk my roommate to send it back after the Finals so I don't need to waste the rest of my summer watching Booty Entertainment Television.

I'm so weak.

Meantime, this is for you Revolt.


  1. Do not fall prey to Beautified Terror Exploitation, it'll only make you a basketcase.

    And an extended "oh snaaaaaap!" to that pic. How profound.

  2. yes, ma'am.

    but what's BTE? is that the canadian version?


    espn commentators yesterday also sounded fairly prescient in their praise of 'troit over miami. almost unanimous.

  3. LOL oops! switch terror and exploitation around, and stick an of in there.

    *sinks low into humiliation*

    ESPN commentators are idiots, btw :P

  4. o my goodness. what's his face (kenny?) just kept hounding my big ten all the way through the tournament this year.

    three out of the quarters. two out of the semis and one in the finals. yeh, illinois lost, but still... he basically said we suck the whole way through.

    midwest will rise again, though.

  5. I was rooting for the 'Nois myself. Don't worry, it's theirs next year.

    Kenny can kiss my adidas. Wait, is that your line? I feel like I stole that.

  6. "asterick." i like 'addidas' too.

    illinois is NOT gonna do nofin' next year. sorry. duke.

  7. Duke, smook. That's like Detroit getting to the Finals.

    Not. gonna. happen.

  8. 'getting to the Finals'? poopface says, 'what?'

  9. oh, and what the heck does beautified exploitation of terror mean? i'm half asleep and even now i don't understand it.

  10. Ignorance is so cute sometimes.

    Miami all the way.
    It's can act surprised when it happens.
    But that's the all-too-simple truth.

    Bye Bye Now...

  11. if shaq's big toe isn't keeping him up all night.


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