Thursday, May 05, 2005

Happy Cinco de Mayo la Verdad!

I don't know what possessed me yesterday. I was in the coffeeshop and I was figuring out the date. And somehow from Sunday the 1st to Wednesday, I figured it was the Cinco of the Mayo. I wish I could blame something that slipped into my cafe - no special drinks yesterday - but the truth is, I'm slow.

Today's poem is owed a debt of gratitude to Terry Taylor who wrote a great song about the Pool of Bethsaida for his band DA (I think it was for the immortal album Motor Cycle). I wish I had a better poem that more fully expresses the glory of the God I serve, but maybe this is a way to express my broken - and oftentimes lame - attempts to praise him.

As Kip says in Napolean Dynamite:
Peace out.

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