Monday, May 09, 2005

Periodically, We All Come Together...

This is an introduction for something that's been brewing in my head all week-end long. Periodically, I will write about an artist or group that I love that either made or just-missed my Music Hall of Fame ("The place to be," Spin Magazine). Late last week I did a piece on Ray Charles and would like to try to piece something together on Hendrix by the end of this week. The musing herewithin are - obviously- the work of a fan untrained and ill-suited to be much more than a fan. I will never rise to the austere ranks of the augustine critic. My ears are not good enough (all that dang-on loud music), my knowlege of music genres, history and theory not complete enough and my library insufficiently supplied (I think I have 200-250 volumes since I started phasing out my cassettes [Old School alert! Old School alert!] some ten years ago) to be taken seriously as a student of the music arts.

But I love music in a way that I don't film or literature - both of which I specifically studied, and furthered in appreciation of, in college. This ocassional series of essays on music artists will continue with probably my favorite band of all time (definitely one of the under-rated and headed by one of my favorite songwriters), Adam Again.

Bon Apetit!

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