Monday, May 23, 2005

Tell me what'd i say

Huh? Phoenix and (correction) Miami lose at home in the first game of the semis?


By himself tonight.

Haters, holla at a player. Or rather, two complete teams of 'em.

Destroyin' 'em like the Cookie Monster on confections.

Remember when Beaker grew to be 50 ft. tall? Still keeps me up at nights.

Did I ever tell you my brother's a nucular teknician? Yeah, little dude's setting fire to the scientifical world. Me no feel so smart around him.

I bent my wookie.

Speaking of which, Davy from the Navy was profiled in the Miami (Oklahoma) Register (motto: We're the Real Onion). I'll hit that story when I see a copy - my parent's only copy, which they got from a neighbor. Keep telling ya'll, we're a bit off-beat.

Speaking of which, what kind of argument were Paris and Nicole having that got so heavy that they parted ways? Could it have had two irreconcilable takes on such heavy, crucial arguments as war-for-oil, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the United Nations' role in intervening civil wars and genocide, Calvinist v. Arminian Reformation theology, free trade, free will and/or providence, globalization, variant strains of Buddhism in New Age philosophies? Or do you think it was about who's puppy is hotter?

Yeah, me too.

Speaking of doggies, going home to watch Best in Show. And House of Flying Daggers (notice I had to put that in a different sentance. Meee-ow.)


  1. DUDE! I saw H.F.D. this weekend. I have mixed emotions about it. Pay close attention to the ending, you'll either grit your teeth in rage, or tearfully wipe the snot from your nose. Yes, snot.

    Must you bruise my frail ego even more? I already emailed you my vulnerability concerning the Suns. I'm not talking to the Heat right now.

    LOL, Paris and Nicole. No, I think it was over which diet plan is hotter. And apparently Nicole won. She's stringbean thin now. Her and Lindsay Lohan. Way to go girls, now all little pre-adolescent babies will try to gnaw their frail bodies into unreasonable dress sizes!

    That's hot right? Right?

    I'll trip em if I see em. Then go buy a cheeseburger and make them eat it.

  2. Detroit didn't lose my friend....

    Paris Hilton stinks...have you seen House of Wax yet? Oh gosh that movie blows whale chunks. Paris dies...everybody dies...and thats a good thing...

    Ugh...grandpa munster is scary. The new pope looks like him. That's rather uncanny dont you think?

  3. timi,

    o my gosh, i can't believe i wrote 'detroit'. i've been bragging about them taking the trophy home from day 1. stupid-stupid-stupid-stupid.

    oww, my head hurts.

    you wasted money on house of wax? and time? well, God loves you anyway. peace, child.

    oh, and pope benedict - i keep telling people this - looks like the emperor from the star wars series.


    i wrote this before you sent the email.

    and that new crack diet of lohan and richie's is very effective. but i don't think anybody's gonna try it.

    house of flying daggers tonight. best in show last night. not as funny as 'a mighty wind', but decent. i already know there's gonna be a sad ending. it can't possibly be sadder over all than 'sometimes in april' or 'hotel rwanda'. oh, and i keep trying to tell people this, but see 'shaolin soccer' and 'kung fu hustle'. they're freak-a-licious.



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