Friday, May 13, 2005

A horses arse, it's good!

Over the Rhine. I've had Ohio now for about a year. Loving it. I had Films for Radio a few years ago until I lost the disc (Before I found that you could copy music directly onto your computer. What's all this downloading music files I'm hearing about nowadays?). But this album, Drunkard's Prayer is the stuff. It's stripped-buck-nekked emotional and melodic music about a relationship being redeemed. Jeffrey Overstreet wrote a review about it here. I'm not too sure if or how much I agree with the review, but I thought it worth posting since it's so dang-gonned long. And I generally trust Jeff, although I don't always agree with him and, sometimes, I wish he'd have more fun. The real reason I haven't read it is because the HTML isn't Mozilla Firefox-friendly, so my copy of the review has a question mark for every quotation, change of font, space and crevice (Word of the Month, btw).

A much shorter review is here and a hopeful little interview with Karin B is here. Although I don't care much for the site as a whole, Farias is a pretty cool cat. And this is a pretty cool profile.

And I'll be a horse's ...


  1. I lied. Over the Rhine is STELLAR.
    Thanks for the introduction.
    I haven't been this pleasantly surprised since someone offhandedly mentioned Mat Kearney (someone Christine would love because of her Coldplay addiction)


  2. saw him in concert a few months back. nice. haven't bought his stuff yet, but my friends like him quite a bit so his music is kinda ubiquitous.

  3. now that i've got a little bit more time to respond: you're welcome, you're welcome. i'm glad you're digging over the rhine. there's that old teacher's adage that says that if i made a change in just one child's life, it's all been worthwhile.

    Please! i ain't done 'til OtR takes over the world. and everybody reads what i read and listens to what i listen to. one blogger at a time.

    speaking of the devir, i'm missing her. although i guess it's only been a few days, it sure seems like a while. have you heard from Christine since whenever her poem was s'posed to show 'em? it's like she set us up and then disappeared. feel like i've been touched by an angel, and you know what mom & pop said about strangers touching you.

    coldplay's the devil.

    part of my semi-fascination with kearney is that it's pronounced 'carnie' - or at least that's how my friends pronounce it. and he also has a touch of 'unplugged 2.0' era l. hill.

    as far as the harrowing / harvesting language connection, i don't have my old stand-by oxford english dict. on me (i lied. i was supposed to get one for a shakespeare class in college, but, y'know it's expensive & big, but i can definitely see a connection in those movies (like a sickle of death. or machetes.)


    deserves its own post. actually, these genocide reflections will probably share one with sex. cause those are what i'm thinking about this morning. not together. that makes it all the more difficult.

    oh, and pirating. blahh... i'm such a moralist when it comes to bootlegging, etc. i'm sorry. i equate it with stealing. if they're giving it out, that's great. i think, on the other hand, that music artists need to use tech to their advantage more often. wilco's foxtrot hotel album was great, but it needed to be warmed over. while they were waiting in litigation heck, they started live streaming their record on their website. so the demand grew.

    i think adam again's like that. same with OtR. they reward constant listenings, rather than most pop music which hits you more like pennies falling from further up each time. i'm saying all this of course, while i'm listening to "Integrity's i Worship: A Total Worship Experience." i went to 3 record stores today to get some israel houghton for tomorrow. i only found one of his records, and it was the wrong one, it didn't have the song i need. so i had to pony up some like $18 for what i guarantee is a collective 20 mins of good music, 1/4 of which is my searched song ("Friend of God").

    Apple is a horrible name for a child. what's next? Punky Paltrow?

    "me fail english? that's unpossible!"

  4. Weird. I've been thinking a lot about Gwyneth lately. I'm reading "Certain Women" by L'Engle (i was so shocked to find out how much adult fiction she's written--complete with cuss words and all) and G. Paltrow would play the main character (ironically named Emma) very well.

    I haven't heard from Christine either. I think what happend was: she got to class, showed up and blowed up, and now she's on tour somewhere in Denmark. That's very likely.

    I feel like a worm everytime I say this (and I've had this conversation a million times), but I honestly don't see what's wrong with filesharing. All my passionately prude friends have guilt-tripped me into cutting back (in my line of work, the software is usually $400+), but how else would I really know what people mean when they say that I sound like Richie Havens when I sing...and who "OWNS" the recording to "Handsome John" at Woodstock? I can count on 3 fingers the times that I've bootlegged whole albums...and I never PAY for bootleg stuff...I guess the word that's tripping me up is "sharing". Because even when I do shell out $3300 for a camera, or $999 for an editing program, I SHARE it...I lend it, I let people benefit from it. And many times, it leads to a purchase of their own. blah blah blah etc....but I see where everyone else is coming from...but I'm being bootlegged too. Ever seen Cross Movement's "Da. Truth" album cover? I wasn't paid for it, but I didn't was my art, and I wanted exposure for it. I wanted people to see my photography...the same with countless other photo jobs I've done. You're hardpressed to search the top five popular Holy Hip Hop sites and NOT see my pictures...
    but I guess that's my choice. And not everyone thinks like me. You're right. It WOULD be a great wolrd if some of the people could think like me some of the time...
    Oh crap, my brothers are singing and whistling Eye of The Tiger. That's bad enough...but my other brother's in the next room, and for a second, I was like "WHOAA...Luke's singing and whistling at the SAME TIME!!"

  5. adam ant,

    i'm definitely in the minority, at least in my community, on this one. i think people should share. but, alas, if they don't, or if they have to live off their royalties or whatever, then we need to get their stuff throught the proper channels so that they get what's due them, plus even the evil corporate conglomarates that fronted the $ in the first place (although they're often thieves in the first place).


    my motto is, i guess, 'support the artist.' i think you're probably at a place right now where maybe it would be good to seek out some payment. of course i've seen the cover of da truth's 'moment of truth.' i think someone skanked my copy (just as big a prob: 'borrowing' w/o returning). a rose by any other name is still stealing. again, i'm just a boring moralist on this point.

    actually, i believe that we need to give out mix cd's. with songs from various artists so that consummers can be more aware of what it is that they're missing out on and then buy and support those artists. i think that's good file-sharing, or whatever.

    all that being said, Disney's evil.

    i hope re:chris DID blow up. figuratively, of course. but if she's in denmark, she better go visit the netherlands.

    the gwynneth (sounds like something from beowulf times) reference was having to do with christine's obsession with all things coldplay.

    'wrinkle in time' included, i never read l'engle. so that's fascinating. i'm lame. i only read some stephen lawhead and c.s. that's it for christian fantasy. o, a hundred pages into the first left behind. but that hardly counts as fantasy. unless you count the theology behind it. hyuck, yuck.




    YOU TWO...

    LOL. I'm loving McDonalds.

  7. what, is that all we are to you?

    do we AMUSE you? do you find us funny?

    Funny how? funny like a clown funny?


    'cuz, Lawdy, i hope so.

    anybody else out there?? no. o.

  8. O.o

    yeah. What it must be like to be married to Gwynneth...

    yOU've never read L'Engle?!
    You're a MATH teacher right?!
    Get thee to a L'Engle-ery!

    Win Ben (Chri)St(e)in(e)'s Money is Back!!!
    Whattup gangsta.
    Why am I hollering here, and not on your blog? Because your post is longer than God's goatee...and my eyes are crossing.
    Sometimes I feel like a motherless child.

  9. i don't imagine marrying paltrow could be THAT pleasant. she'd always be trying her fake english accent. in bed. annoying after a while. i'll have to divorce her. people will again hold me up to the gold standard. "if jason and gwynneth can't stay together, what chance do we have?" a lot of other inocuous couples will split because of us. it'll be a mess.

    christine, he's right. your post is longer than john kerry's face. why don't you post every couple days in bite sized bits. like reeses. mmmmm.

    you know we love you sis.

  10. Ok the fact that y'all are talking about me AGAIN in the 'Jason Lounge' is hilarious and retarded. Adam, shut it! Oh and Jay-sun you shut it even more! At least I use simple wording in my verbose posts, unlike SOMEONE I know who uses all that polysyllabic rubbish! HA! lol. I kid. Y'all love what I have to say that's why you're whining about it.

    And I don't like posting often. I need to marinate on multiple events that span over multiple days in order to post.

    Plus, I don't even really like computers.

    I love y'all too. We're like the 3 Stooges. Zoink!


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