Saturday, May 28, 2005


I've been fairly busy with e'rything, yet in the words of Al Green, Muddy Waters and Joe Black (where did Brad Pitt pick up that accent?), "Everything's gonna be alright."
Of course. But I figured that I've been doing this blog here thang for about a month and a half and I wrote quite a bit. And some stuff I actually kind of like. So, in anticipation of the big day and barbeques (two of 'em, back to back) tomorrow, in addition to one today, and a Sox game Monday, I probably won't have a lot of leisure time to write the blog I want to on Steve Taylor for a little while. So, maybe it'd be good, I reasoned with the president of my fan club, to have a retrospective for all the throngs of fans laying outside the door in eager anticipation of any bits of meat that I may throw at their feet. If you have not guessed by now, of course, the president of my fanclub is me, as are all concurrent members. I tried to get Adam and Christine to join the club, but they felt the price too steep. I say the rewards are phenomenal and worth it.

Stepping way back in the day to mid-April, two double-Oh cinco, we shall begin with "One Day We Shall All Be Free," one of my first attempted - and somewhat successful, on a small scale - spoken words. Um, poetry, that is. "Constructs" is one of my favorite poems that still survive, although I need to work on the spacing. Like a lot of the other poetry here, it was done a couple years ago when I had a fire under my feet. I need that again. Hopefully, I'll discipline myself to publish a new poem a week. So that means a brand new one probably two out of every three weeks. But that's for later. Blah.

Because I'm sooo important, I'll include my first semi-essay in this. It was kind of a rant. No, no it wasn't. It was about communion practices and how I see them in my church and, again, hopefully tied into universal themes. it was all also written in smalls because that's how i write my emails, get it? and then the next day i read how nobody'll read your stuff if you don't puctuate properly. So I learned from my mistakes and I have my own fanclub. Ain't I swell?

Then there's my poseur environmentalist post. I got really ticked at this stupid, stupid email that my brilliant (literally, I'm not making fun of him) little brother forwarded from some stupid gas-drinking SUV driving *. Hopefully, you can read it. Maybe I'll change the colors. Then again, maybe not. Then there's Phoenix, which is about... Hah, fooled ya, ain't I? I don't like telling people what it's supposed to mean or whatever. They're short enough, and I think they're pretty straight-forward and accessible. Of course I'm talking about my poems, not my essays or even some of my comments, which are usually longer and more self-indulgent than a U2 concert.

Some of these posts are just some quotes or passages I stole from somebody else. Which is good, for me, because that's one of the reasons I wanted to create a blog, as a place to store some of these treasures before they are lost to my incredible, shrinking memory. And I know I complain about this more than Jeanneane Garafalo about being plump in showbiz (What? Am I lying??), but somebody took this book and a bunch of other stuff, so I'm glad I at least got these passages from Phillip Yancey's ruminations on the utter importance of the Old Testament on modern life. Then there's my one on the passing of the popes. David Dark, who I keep bragging about.

Practice writing is another huge reason I decided to try out and continue trying the Blog (Aaaaaahhhhh! Run children! Hide, mothers, hide your babies and your husbands before they get enveloped by the Blog!). This is an almost stream-of-consciousness meditation on the earth-shattering and eye-opening nature of Jesus. Too be quite honest, I like this one.

And then, for those fans who need to be reassured that I don't have a sense of humor but I only borrow it from movies and what I read in books (much the same my whole paltry existence is lived), Kung Fu Hustle is the number 1 recommended movie of the year so far. Wait, number 2 after Hotel Rwanda. Although I haven't seen a lot of other movies yet, it certainly beats the mess out of the Interpreter (crapaloozer). A few other movies seem good (the new Star Wars, Crash) but I don't think they'll rank higher at this moment. Or, at least that's what I read somewhere.

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  1. Ohhh a blast into the past post. Hmmm, I might just enjoy this. But I have so many present posts to catch up on...ok just one of them, really. I think I remember reading the Iconoclast post about Yeshua and even applauding at some parts. Yes, that sounds like something I'd do.

    I will however indulge in your words, and pooooeemmmsss! Yaaaay! And comment, of course. But will I do it all now, that is the question...hmmm, maybe...not. :) lol, I will get to em though. Have fun in the next few days. Ah man, you're gonna go missing on me? Who's gonna amuse me now? Adam?! Adam's like the original playstation, while you happen to be version 2.0. As Neo said whilst commenting on the new and improved agents in Reloaded "hmmm, upgrades."

  2. please. commenting is fun and not as much time, or so it seems.

    i'll be around.

    and nice.

    speaking of the devir, didn't he say he wasn't gonna leave us or forsake us? and i remember one of your first comments here was on my "dogmology" 'neologism' from that post.

    tee hee. always flattered.

  3. Don't pretend to be an equal op. employer! I never got no fan club application!

    And I'll perfectly ignore the comment that compares me to a played out game console. Because like the sun's light, I'll still be feeling myself long after I've faded.

    Eat BIG, homie!
    Wish I were going to a bbq...
    that would mean BURGERS with *giggl* BREAD!
    But I don't know if I'll ever be so lucky again...

  4. what? you live in 'don't mess with texas,' the barbeque state.

    chicago only has this season for like 5 weeks. 3 if you don't include rainy days.

    "I'll still be feeling myself long after I've faded." nooo comment.

    honestly, i don't even play video games nowadays. take me back to some old 'space invaders.'


  5. HAHAHAHA...joo know I was kidding, Supadupahero(TM) (fully knowing you'd see my comment, tee hee).

    Me wuv you Adaaaaaammmmmm!!! You're like that classic old skool Nintendo game that you have to blow out the bottom to play. Throwbacks are worth cherishing, ask Cross Movement.

    :) :) :) :)

    Plus, you've sold us out for your lil MySpace blog. Maybe I'm still bitter about it :P

    "I'll still be feeling myself long after I've faded"...dope. Jay, getcho mind outta the darkness!

  6. i don't get it.

    'scuse me. i do work with teenagers. i feel like i'm constantly on the lookout for sexual explicit double-entendres all the time in the music they listen to. stuff would make double-o-seven blush.

    what's this new usher song, ""? aarrrrggggghhh! and everything friggin' r.

    i saw right through her, adam. i swear i did. but she's right about you abandoning us for me-me-mespace. it's been, what, two weeks since you said you weren't leaving this space.


  7. thanks for your comment on my blog.

    well when i mentioned parents i was really speaking about christian parents, since that was the audience i would be addressing.

    heh. i don't believe in delayed adolescence. lol.

    anyway here's my comment on your post:

    okee. well, i've never known anyone to do an archival post about past blogs. lol. so, this is a first.

    anyway. awesome poems. i couldn't think of a better word, so yea awesome is my word and awesome it is.

    i'll have to read everything else later.

    you're from chicago too? that's what's up!

    God bless!

  8. thanks, gabrielle.

    always a pleasure to have somebody drop by and leave a line or two, especially when they're as nice as yours.

    my friends would always be upset with me 'cuz i wouldn't know how to take a compliment. so, i'm still learning. 'thank you, ms. gabrielle for the nice commments about my poems... tee-hee.'

    born and raised. humboldt park, bay-bae!

    yeah, i guess in my community the Christian parents (and i guess i mean the ones who are faithful, who actually, y'know, go to church and are involved and show fruits) aren't quite as complicit in raising this sort of delayed adolescent kids, at least as far as consumer mentality and all these other things that you mentioned. and that's what it is, delayed adolescence. kids are caught in this land w/o time, sin fronteras, where they are neither children nor adults, where they are treated as children but expected to behave as adults (and the eyes are tougher on them, believe me).

    but, for a more expert opinion, check out this article:

    maybe we'll pick up this argument later.

    i guess what i do here IS against the grain (my euphanism for weird). and self-indulgent.

  9. sorry, i really haven't learned how to use these tags yet. so my links suck. but it should work irregardless.

  10. getting back to some of these other comments,

    it's monday night and i'm hungry again. maybe i should do what my kids do (i swear they don't get fed at home. put 'em all together and we got about a hundred pounds) and take some to go.

    Cross Movement begs to see mercy with the jerseys.

    adam, are you on the south beach? oh, come on...

    i don't know if i like my new tag, chris. i thought the old one focused too much on my ethnicities, as if i were tiger woods of mixed background instead of tiger woods, #1 golfer in the world. (:D) now i really AM just being cranky.

    gabrielle, usually i try to scope out somebody's blog before i leave a comment. you have another blog on myspace, right? if that is you (urbane demure, right? also linked from adam's), you're funny. if not, well, all your links are password protected and even the ones that aren't - from the title - i'm scared to read. so i thought that one about teenagers was a great entry point.

    and there is no way on earth i am joining myspace. i feel bad enough looking through adam's. but that's a sense of duty.


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