Friday, May 20, 2005

Quote of the Day, ya egotists:

Being true to oneself, in the most vapid sense, might simply be a matter of being true to one's endlessly self-justifying ego... G.K. Chesterton famously observed that the highest concentrations of people who most intensely believe in themselves are to be found in mental institutions.


  1. And aaaaamen to that.

    I immediately though of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

  2. I, I, I...

    that's all you can think about.

    I'm just so upset that I could vomit if I weren't so good at keeping my temper.


    speaking of vomit, promise never to use that word in your poetry again. don't make me come to canada now.

  3. HAHAHAA! Vomit just makes sense sometimes. You can't 'mistake' vomit as anything else. It works for me, and my purposeful graphic imagery. Don't you agree?

    All of that rhymed too, without any effort. I, I, I'm getting scared of meeeeee.

    Oh snap! Speaking of which, are you feeling better? I had meant to ask you in the imaginary email I still haven't sent, so since I'm here...did you see a doctor about it? Ya better have, punkster.

  4. Vomit is played out though. I used it in a supposedly biographical scene, and the teacher saw right through it. While everyone understands what it is to voimit as a reaction, people rarely do.

    Dude...I feel so strongly about the "mentally insane"...

    Running tally: The Relevants, Homosexuals, and The Mentally Insane. To them, my heart goes out. And hopefully some films in the future.

    I told y'all that my family thought I was crazy during my Chappelle episode, right? I mean was rough. Anyhow..

  5. dude, i swear, if i was talking about 6 ft. tall goat-herders, you'd be like "God's really placed this burden on my heart, man. i need to witness to those very same 6 ft. tall goat-herding sherpies you're talking about..."

    vomit is played out. not just played out. infinity p-o. c'mon chil'. work w/ us here.

    feeling better. no need to see a doctor. the cough is slowly rescinding. but thank you, brewster.

  6. LOL, he'd include those very same 6 ft. goat-herders in a script too. Count on it. That's our Adam, he's got a heart the size of Illinois...wait a minute, I've heard that before. No?

    And y'all can hush up, vomit is dopefresh on the spoken word scene. Y'all are too non-bohofarian to understaaaaaand.

    And I'm glad you're feeling better mister :)

  7. honey, we can't all be sportswriters, making up a new metaphor every article.

    if vomit is so fresh (hmmmm...) on that scene, scrap it before it's too late. lead the revolution, Revolt.

    i've got roots. so?

  8. You've got bohofarian roots?

    No, of course not, since I made all of it up. Including the vomit thing with the spoken word thing.

    You and Adam were ganging up on me. Rawwwrrrr!

    *does sexysticky face* :P

  9. bohemian rastafarian? that's me, all the way.

  10. *gasp*

    *hands you soy burger and ital soup*

    *walks off into a fog*

  11. hahaha
    what a random fog.
    chuam trippeeng


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