Monday, March 07, 2011

Something is Wrong in this Video of Christians Confronting a Muslim

Update below

Can you count with me the number of fallacies in this video?

Anti-Muslim Protestor Throws Crosses At Feet Of Man Praying By White House

Now, the truth of the matter is, we don't know why this man is praying here. From what little information gathered here, we don't know who he is, or why he's praying so close to the White House. Nor do we know why these protesters have shown up with signs. If somebody could fill in the blanks with actual facts, I'll give you a shiny new shiny.*

  • We do know that he is silently praying.
  • We know that he's showing formidable courage.
  • We know that some of the protesters are talking about the love of Jesus, but not demonstrating it. I don't know about you, but when I pray, I really don't care for people to tell me I'm backward and wasting my time. Or that I'm evil. Kind of why I have a hard time with much of the New Atheist crowd.
  • Why is the guy with two Israel flags thanking God for the 10/40 Window (basically Northern Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia area that is largely Muslim and closed to Christian missionaries - and often hostile to native or converted Christians)? Is he trying to taunt this man? Wouldn't the Christian witness in Muslim communities and countries be better served by, I don't know, not enabling oppressive governments?
  • And we know that a few other protesters are telling this man - and other Muslims - to go to hell. And they've got signs to say that.
Apparently, the men gathered around the pray-er are there for a counter-protest. One group went to DC to protest the anti-Sharia Law laws, and another group (them) went to protest their protestation. The object of the mob direction in the middle of this video was not a part of either protest but regularly comes to pray in front of the White House. As he was doing so, the counter protesters (who were annoyed that the original protesters failed to show up and had nobody to yell at all day) circled around him and then began insulting his Starbucks coffee (sorry LKM) and yadda yadda yadda.

So, that makes me ask another question:
  • WTH? Why are the Christians attacking this man, who is not engaging with them? Shouldn't they clean house first? Shouldn't they focus on the man who brought a sign telling Muslims to go to hell? Wouldn't that be your first priority? Instead of circling him like a pack of godless vultures, maybe the Christians within this group should worry about converting the ugliness of the crowd that they're a part of?
*It must be actual factual. In other words, citations from Pam Geller and her satanic minions as to why the Mooslim is there (BECAUSE HE'S BLOWING UP THE WHITE HOUSE!!!!1111!!! WOLVERINEZ!!) are not viable. You will not get a shiny for that.


  1. Josh S10:14 AM

    This makes me sad. I would like to sit and have a cup of tea with the (presumably) Muslim man. (I saw presumably, because he does not say a single thing in the video, and simply because the guy has a beard does not make him any single thing. For all I know, this could be a college student doing some sort of performance art or a social experiment.)

    Then, I would like to sit and have a cup of coffee with the (presumably) Christian man who was praying above the other guy.

    I suspect that each man has a story and a situation, and a desire to see the country move forward in a specific direction (why else would they be making such stands in front of the White House), and I would like to understand each of them better. And, hopefully, to show each of them Christ's love.

  2. I think that's an appropriate Christian response, Josh. ;)

  3. Josh, I think the Christian man who's praying above the Muslim man needs herbal tea, not coffee. Jason, thanks for pointing out that last bullet about the sign telling Muslims to go to hell. Sort of contradicts the sign saying Jesus loves you, eh?

  4. Unfortunately, another opportunity to say...not MY Jesus!! These types make my blood boil. They are going to get to Heaven & Jesus will ask them "you did WHAT in my name?!"

  5. Anonymous10:39 AM

    to me the biting irony is that the Muslim man, now this is speculation, while the protest is going on is likely praying for those who are persecuting him. Doesn't that sound familiar?

  6. So many people conveniently forget that the god of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is also the god of Abraham, Ishmael and Mohammed. God, Yahweh, Allah. Same being, different names. Makes us seem like adult siblings still fighting while sitting at the kids' table.

  7. Which Christians are you all referring to? The only person in this video who might be a follower of Jesus is the one silently praying. (After all, Muslims at least take Jesus seriously enough to consider him a prophet.) The rest of the folks in this video clearly despise everything Jesus ever taught.


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