Monday, August 14, 2006

Woo-Hoo White Sox!

Ivan the Terrible Rodriguez. Image credit:

First, the Sox won a series against perennial powerhouse New York Spankees (who they're virtually in a four-way race for wild-card with). And then they sweep the best team in baseball this year (at this point), the Detroit Tiggers. We're now only 5 1/2 games behind them, and ahead of everybody else in the wc race, but just barely. Later this week we take on another wild card runner in the Minnesota Twigs, after a four game rest (hopefully) playing around with the Kansas City Royals - the Cubs of the AL.

I think it's because my wife and I went to Friday night's opening game that we whooped les Tigres. And I think my little catch-phrase should catch on. It goes, "Shut up, De-Troiit!" Try it. Wildfire, tellin' ya.


  1. Since you can't see me....I just wanted to let you know I'm sticking my tongue out at you!

    Go get 'em TIGERS!

  2. ddk23,

    well, thanks to the modern miracles of blogger technology and profiling, i see you're a lifetime michiganoer, seem to be a nice person and a loyal fan of another baseball team that's not done anything worthwhile in the last 50+ years. my condolenses as a Bears fan if you are a Lions fan, also.

    however, having said that, "Shut up, De-Troiit!"

    thanks for stopping by. do come again.

  3. hahahaa, you're so MEAN.

    I can't knock De-Troiit! though...

    They're like our (toronto's) cross border cousins.

    Unlike your hometown, windy city boy.


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