Monday, August 07, 2006

Sign o' the Times

How to tell that your new neighborhood has monied church peoples, Part 1:

That's right. The whole congregation can afford to go on sabbatical and say, "Screw you" to all the neighbors. And, apparently, God.

But, honestly, did they have to give us a "War-Hearted Affirming"? That's just downright nasty of them.

What can you say, though? Rich folks, y'know?


  1. Maybe they're taking a break to start a war with another church. Good, Jesusy fun for all.

  2. you think the 'peace be with you' is just a guise?

  3. Yeah, it's always helpful when mounting a sneak attack from the left flank.

  4. and we all know that the united church of christ is about as left flank as you can get.


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