Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Hey, get your mind out of the gutter.

I'm broke. Just got the best-paying job of my life and already I'm broke. Payday's Friday, but it'll still take at least two months before I feel on level ground financially.

I don't have a social life anymore. In fact, I shouldn't even be doing this. But I need to do some grading (finally) and last week I spent a couple hours with my friends. And then I got chewed out for not spending more. Yeah, that really helped.

I'm going to bed at 9 or 10 virtually every night. I don't always sleep straight through. But I wake up at 5:30 exhausted and in dire need of coffee. Which is a whole two blocks - a shower and an hour of rummaging - away. When I get some money, I'm going to hire Mr. Coffee as my personal valet.

We're (my church) in the process of hiring a new youth leader. Thursday we get word on whether or not we can begin the interview process. Of course I want God's timing on this and I want the right man (Yeah, I'm a sexist. Alert the media. A Christian wants male pastors!) , but seriously, my entire youth ministry consists of trying to get dudes to play pickup basketball in the parking lot without actually advertising it and a Sunday School that consists largely of one family of four girls. I'm only partially kidding. There's also a young ladies discipleship that I'm really proud of and certain events and whatnot. And I really love my church kids, but they're too busy with their livestock and property and getting and giving away marriages and all.

Timi stood me up yet again. The funny thing is, she calls me, most the time. She talks. I talk. She's never at a loss for words. Which is cool with me, I don't like doing most of the talking on the phone (Really, even in the class) and she does allow me to speak my mind - usually. But she'll inevitably be caught in an intersection, or at the grocery line or whatever and she'll say, "Can I call you back in a couple?" And I think it's understood that a couple means a moment or maybe, maybe, a couple hours. Well, she doesn't call back. I think one time she tried to prove me wrong on this, but for the most part, she'll pick up a whole new topic and call me again in a couple weeks. Often, she'll just text it. "I got a lobotomy today. It just gets worse and worse."

My best blogger friend Christine went on a bloggatical. I'd email her, but I'm on a emailatical.

Oh, and I was deathly ill (crybaby I am also) this last weekend. I need to do grading. Buh-bye.


  1. But I'm still alive!

    Not hiding out in the caves (not yet anyway).

    I miss you, fwend.

    I think I'm gonna delete my blog after my ta'anit is over. And just start a new one...or not. I dunno.

    It looks like I still have a lot to say. Especially how retarded Michelle looks in that hairy picture down below. Mwahahaha! Oh yeah, you're not broke. Never, ever say that again.

    You and imiT are hilarious!

    I think we have to put out an APB on Adam.

    Oh yeah and my surgery might be coming up soon. My stomach's revolting again, go figure. Send up the tefillot (prayers)!

    Shalom Ahavah.

  2. what?? girl, you so kray-zee!

    am broke. and i'd still be locked up in a canadian-turkish prison cell were it not for your kindness and free-spending.

    your stomach? o, lordy! what's wrong with my female friends?


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