Friday, September 02, 2005

Abridged Traveblogue, Pts. 2 & 3

If you wanna catch it, you gotta go to my xanga site, 'cuz this just don't make no sense.

And somebody do me a favor. I know you're out there. Leave a comment. It just gets so lonely.

I kept asking to go to the lakefront. When I found out, I felt like Charlton Heston at the end of Planet of the Apes.

Some parts did leave me chilled, and the obvious joke of Don Johnston watching Don Juan and running a Don Quixote...

Chris is really cool, and I am so glad and blessed to know her and to befriend her. I would never want to jeapordize that friendship. Not that she'd make a nasty enemy, it's just that I would lose so much.

Don't ask me to convert that to metric.

Toronto also has ugly buildings.

Both times I went through customs they asked how I met my friend.
"Internet," I answer sheepishly.

This time, however, I'm only going at 10 mph over the speed limit... I guess this is my conservation effort. Giving to the cause... I feel so much older...

Small room off the highway. Took me a while to go to sleep with all the passing trucks. It was a good chunk of my budget. I would've peed all over the linen, but it smelled like someone already beat me to it.


  1. you know baby, we love you. you jus gotta use your xanga lol. i dont check this thing here anymore.

  2. i am using my xanga. but everybody's scared of that site.

    y'all speak a different language.

    really, it's just you and gab's that leave comments any longer.

  3. aww. there are intelligent speaking people at xanga. you should search the blogrings. :P

    isn't this the same thing you wrote at xanga accepted altered a bit?

    where's timi and chris and adam? oh wait forget adam. haha.

  4. yes, in a shameless act of self/cross promotion, i have taken my xanga accounts of my traveblogue (you like the pun? too bad, i do.) and transferred them here. only i took a few excerpts out of context and, with this one, scrambled up the order.

    my promo's back-fired. apparently, i scared timi and chris and adam away. chris and adam only answer at further up, every once in a while. and i think timi's lost in football season.

  5. dang i forgot about further up.

  6. so what. lol.

    and what. i love xangs. lol.

  7. I'm anti-xanga! Burn xanga, burn!




    Hmmm...maybe I'll open up an account there.

  8. if you do chris, you will leave. haha. i have had over 5 xanga accounts, surprisingly i never deleted the first one i ever started. xanga was my first ever real blog.

    i've left on so many different occassions and now i'm back there.

  9. you're a blog polluter, gabs.


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