Friday, September 09, 2005

Michelle Watch

After the weeper that was the "Shelter from the Storm" (apparently, not from the old hymn, but from the Credence Clearwater Revival song that Garth Brooks managed to mangle, but only after Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters tried their hand at a similarly uninspired read from the same band. The names of the respective songs escape me. But what was Robert Randolph doing in the background for the Dixie Chicks and their lame and irrelevant politics?), I started flipping around the idiot box. Yes, Friday nights alright for idiot-ing at the Cheek house.

I briefly stopped at another awards show long enough to find that it's called "Fashion Rocks." The name is a misnomer. It's like how Christian radio used to (if it doesn't now) mute the guitar parts. The first act was DC, who promptly performed a strippers medley in maternity wear. But I could barely hear what they were singing. Or the music. CBS used to be the geezer station, right? Are they still worried about suffering someone's eardrums? Because if they are, they should've lowered Beyonce's level to Michelle Williams and whatsherfaces combined levels. Must have been a big mistake by some rookie to actually put Ms. Knowles-Z's voice all the way in the front, no?
Yes, another one. Before long I'll have my own lame Michelle Williams page and there's nothing you healthier nerds can do about it.

Somebody gave David Bowie a black eye and apparently left him shaken. Like to meet that sissy who has no respect for effeminate, miming unbelievably gifted songwriters.

Then again, it was probably just another stunt. What an artist.

Time may change me... indeed. It's a losing battle.


  1. Anonymous11:22 PM

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  2. eat my shizzorts. you might need to wear some big ones, bonehead!

    (ok, i mixed the metaphors)

  3. Mickey Mouse has grown up a cow, indeed.

  4. oh, i get it, mixed metaphors.

    ... i think...

  5. Anonymous12:45 AM

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  6. i wonder if this is a joke. oh, please let it be a joke by a well-meaning friend.

    no, wait, concerning that i have no friends (that i know of) residing in rigo, latvia that would logically mean that you are not a friend. and if you are not with me, you are against me.

    i'm gonna have to put those danged letter verification things up. but i'm pretty upset about it.


  7. see? i'm pretty upset. blogger, come with the program here!

  8. Anonymous11:38 PM

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  9. yes, again. time may change me, but i can't change time.

    i may just have to take you up on your offer, anony...

    wait just a cotton-picking moment!

  10. just delete the anonymous posts... and Mickey mouse has grown up a cow is from LIfe on Mars, one of my favourite Bowie songs.

  11. also, I wish I could have seen Bowie and The Arcade Fire perform.

  12. that was the Arcade Fire as his back-up band?

    i thought i've heard better from both of them.

  13. Anonymous12:34 AM

    Well if this does not make you upset then maybe we can post some 2LiveCrew lyrics in this comment section?

  14. ummmm...

    and you crazy microcaster, you. you need to update your stuff.


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