Wednesday, June 22, 2005

What the [Blocked] is he thinking?

It's one thing to pray for Michael Jackson in his current state. I'm reminded every once in a while that I should. I should also pray for his family, children and all, and his victims.

But Kurt Carr, what the hell are you thinking? God is not on Michael Jackson's side. His acquital is not something to celebrate. Is Jackson free? Yes. Was he legally declared not guilty? Yes. Should he be allowed some civility? Yes. Will I or any thinking adult allow any children near him? Are you insane?? Hell no! Would I say that Jackson is innocent? Again, hell no! Would I use the legal verdict of his innocence on these charges to shamelessly promote my new record...

Well, Kurt Carr did, so why the hell not?


  1. Expect the first installment of the new book series:
    "Why I hate Gospel Music" by A-Dizzle Dizzle

  2. how about, 'why i hate the celebrity culture and how it has ruined gospel music'?

  3. Or...'why do gospel singers think they're celebrities?' by Cee Bizzle edited by Michelle Williams.

  4. you mean, 'edited by Michelle Williams-Dye.'

  5. Anonymous2:56 PM

    "Jesus Gave Me This Voice To Piss You Off" by TD Jakes & Free Money Fellowship Choir.

    lol...Gospel artists are known to drop a few brainfarts every now & then. See Donny McClurkin...Bobby Jones...etc.

  6. Anonymous2:58 PM

    And another...Micheal Jackson may not have screwed that little boy...but dammit he screwed somebody else's boy!

    Kurt Carr is an idiot. He should stick to doing flipping & sissy dances on stage.


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