Monday, June 06, 2005

Generational Defining Films and Music

Somebody, (Ok, Jeffrey Overstreet, a truly great film critic of the Christian persuasion who is the Ebert of Christianity Today's movie website) is asking for opinions on what are some truly generational-defining movies and albums of the ages.

What set it off was a strange encounter of the psyche. A Gen X'er realizing that the younger padwans weren't really affected by Star Wars like us slightly older geeks were. My love of movies is still tremendously influenced by my love and grasp of the original trilogy. So the question is put to task, What are some of the movies which influenced the generations being raised in them, ranging back through the decades? The second, related question, would be, what albums also had a huge impact on their respective generations, such as the way Nevermind or Thriller did for those in their twenties / early thirties?

I'll resist the temptation to post a pic of Darth Vader here.

I make no such promises concerning Dark Helmet.

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