Sunday, January 20, 2008

Zero Degrees. Fahrenheit.

If zero degrees Celsius is when water starts freezing, then zero degrees Fahrenheit has got to be when body parts start falling off.

Can't believe I ventured out into this weather twice when neither my job nor life was dependent on it.

I met someone from California last week who said that she had never understood when friends from Chicago would call her and ask how the weather was. Seriously, we live on conversations about the weather here. It is flipping interesting, especially in January. By February, though, it's over. We just want it to end, don't want to speak of it anymore.

Hopefully, this'll be the only two day stretch where it falls below 0 F.

Don't wanna jinx it, though.


  1. Right?

    (That should be in italics, really, but I still haven't figured out html or whatever it is that makes font-changes in the comments.)

  2. it goes like this

    < and then i followed by /i> with your word in the middle.

    actually, i'm not sure if this will work.


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