Friday, January 04, 2008

Obama and Huckabee?

In Iowa?

This may very well be the most interesting (if not essential) presidential race since the peanut farmer from Georgia came away with the keys to the White House.

Notice who is behind and to the right (your right) of Governor Mike. That's why Iowans Heart Huckabee.

In other news, the baby is teething. Has been for several days. And nights. Nobody's sleeping. And her first go at the Baby Orajel didn't go so well. Update: Her second didn't take didn't go much better, if at all.

We've also been trying (lately) the old frozen rag trick (no, it's not oily) as well as gently rubbing her gums. These seem to be only momentary and oh-too-temporary distractions for the constant pain.

I don't want my baby to start on pills already. She's too innocent.

Parents, I beg of you: any suggestions?


  1. Frankly I'm surprised (but not disappointed) that Huckabee and Obama did so well in Iowa.

    Hey, was that Chuck Norris' toupee I saw behind Huck?

    As for the teething, it sounds like you're doing all the right things. It just takes time. Good luck!

  2. yeah... we don't speak of Sr. Norris's piece around these parts. we like to keep our teeth in our mouths.

    speaking of sharp teeth and gums, i think we found a good temporary remedy for the daytime. and we just embarked on another one for the evenings that'll hopefully make her nights more smooth. more on that later.

    as far as barack and mikey, they don't seem to be faring as well in NH, where the prize seems to be going to the old dog white men. but, we'll see.


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