Saturday, March 10, 2007

So, it's March and all...

Where's the Madness?

I know it's out there. I just haven't been paying attention.

I know that Duke's likely not to get a berth this year.

That's fairly insane...

But is that it? Is there anything really loco / chemically imbalanced / lunatic going on out there? Is there a chance that some off-the-wall school (not an Xavier. Say a Chicago State or a Bible school with under 1,000 students) gets into the Final Four? Is there an outside chance that a school that doesn't have money for full athletic scholarships will get seed money for these athlete-scholars?

Is there a chance that a school will get recognized not for ridiculing relatively-obscure cultures (meaning, anyone not of their own - read, pasty-White - culture - i.e., urban and Tribal-American), but for lifting every one of its athletes to a 3.0 GPA and a four-year goal plan for graduation?

Yeah, yeah, save the self-righteous rants for Sports Illustrated (which will still rank in millions while it defies the NCAA - while the rest of us bemoan the current system in our living rooms while succumbing to the Dick Vitale-inspired Fever on our large-screens). But, y'know, a man's gotta gripe about something.

And the lack of feasible drinking water for 1.1 billion people just doesn't seem within grasp for my little mind right now.



  1. hey...i love the gripe...

    why not complain about march madness.

  2. why not, indeed!

    (sounds almost liturgical.)


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