Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Color us pink!

Confirmation today (unless he's really shy) is that my Mrs. Jasdye is carrying a healthy half-term bouncing (and as of last night, kicking) baby girl.

Oooh, boy. Talk about your proud papa-to-be!


  1. Congratulations, my man. I remember the excitement, the anticipation, the pride and the joy of an impending addition to the family.

    A word from experience though: get ready for some changes the likes of which you cannot even begin to imagine!

    Praying for you all in this transition time!

  2. That is too cool for words. Congrats! Have you thought of names yet?

  3. thanks, guys.

    yeah, it's weird trying to anticipate something that you can never fully prepare for. i fear i'll miss my sleep, i think that's what i'm most scared of. it's pretty selfish, but i'm a grumpy sleep-less one.

    yes. they're all J names, being that my wife and i both have j names... and that we're all cutesy like that. it's actually harder than we thought, since we started several months ago. but now that we know she's gonna be a gurrl, that narrows it down a bit.

  4. i know, jennie. i know.

    and i lurve you.



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