Friday, March 30, 2007

7 songs I'm Digging

I was memed by the Cubicle Reverend (yes, I know it should be the other way around. The Right Reverend Cubicle and his trusty sidekick, Deacon Desk Chair) to list seven songs I'm digging. But because I'm not particularly digging any songs right now (more going through my iPod and finding songs/records I like) and I'm constantly putting together random lists but never thematic ones:

"Dig" - Adam Again - "The earth is hard / the treasure fine."

"LDN" - Lily Allen - The debutante takes a walk around her little neighborhood and digs underneath the glossy visage to discover young men mugging old women, pimps beating their whores, etc., etc.

"Digging in the Dirt" - Peter Gabriel - "Digging in the dirt / find the places we got hurt."

"Chain Gang" - Sam Cooke - "All day long they're singing, ooh, ahh... Been working so hard." And clink and clack to underscore that. Honestly, I think the song's too pretty for such work, but it's got me and my coworkers through many a day of blue collar work back in the day.

"Dig/Dug" - Prayer Chain - I don't have this pre-Mercury album anymore. I'm not sure that's the title anymore. It was pretty much the chorus.

"Water No Get No Enemies" - Fela Kuti - I only assume he's talking about well water.

"I've Got You Under My Skin" - Frank Sinatra - Get 'em out!

So, who to tag? Of all my faithful readers, let's go for Micah (who's always compiling music lists), RC (who almost never talks about music), and - way over in MySpaceville, Timi.


  1. Deacon Desk chair! now that's funny! I've been hearing a lot of buzz about allen, i now have to check her out. And another woman named Whitestone (???) I think, who is also supposed to be great.

  2. Amy Whinehouse? yeah, some new wave of brit chicks, i suppose.

    allen's more of a dance/beat/dub-princess type. her lyrics can be a bit offensive, and they're not really poetry. but they remind me of a more crass Sam Philips - poppy and bright music with these dark stories underneath.

    whinehouse is more - from what i've heard - revivalist girl group. but also dark lyrically. or at least less censored than the groups she references.

  3. Sinatra, Sam Cooke? Man, there's hope for you yet!

  4. you're right i rarely talk about music, but you are going to (hopefully) love my most recent post.

    it's not a direct response to this meme BUT is it a list of songs.

    I'd love for you to chime into the conversation.

  5. artsy,

    for whatever reason, though, not a particular fan of ol' blue eyes. but, if you'll settle for lady day and ella as far as crooners go, i'd like to agree with you. there may be hope for me yet. cooke, though, dude, was always cookin'!


    left a comment. sorry if i sound so cynical. it just sounds like more marketing gunk. but i'll listen in, try at least something from 'em - if for no other reason than b/c you referred them.

  6. Okay, I'll bite. But it won't be until tomorrow (gotta watch last night's "24" - which I missed because of that dang basketball game - and the season premiere of "The Shield").


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