Friday, July 14, 2006

It's the half-way point, people

Micah of Micah's World has reminded me that, this being just past the half-way point of the year, Bests of the Year So Far lists are due. And while going over his lists on books, movies and video games, I was struck with a few observations:

1) Until recently, I've bought a lot of books this year, but have not had much of a chance to read them. Actually, I'm loving my morning reading time (all of it non-fiction) and I should have a temporary list up soon.

2) Akelah and the Bee was cute, X-Men III was fairly thrilling (and chilling), Pirates: Dead Man's Chest was a joyride - as I mentioned earlier - that I can compare somewhat palely with Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back, and The Second Chance had snappy dialogue and a great theme to complement the fact that it was directed and co-written by a personal adolescent hero of mine. Yet none of the movies released this year have excited me, surprised me, challenged me, gutted me or imbued me with joy the way that Stevie, Kung Fu Hustle, Shaolin Soccer, Hotel Rwanda, or Napoleon Dynamite or even Luther has. In other words, there's nothing that I'm truly excited about at this moment.

3) I don't play no video games.

Wait, does Spider Solitaire count?


  1. Thanks for the shout out. The movies that I've seen this year - with the exception of Thank You For Smoking - hardly rocked my world. But you rank 'em as you see 'em.

    As for books, I just subscribed to Relevant and chose the book/sub combo offer, in addition to ordering their U2, two more books to throw on the reading pile.

  2. hmmm... tell me how that book club works out. in general, i'm not a fan of the mag. i think they try too hard to be hip christians - like it's some sort of oxymoron.

    my point on the movie list is that i don't see a point in actually ranking them at this point.

  3. Thank You For Smoking was an incredible film, I'm glad Micah mentioned it.

    But yeah J, I kinda agree with you, there weren't any movies that really got through to my bone marrow.

    A few indie flicks I suppose, that came out last year and two years ago. But that's it.

    But I AM hyped for A Scanner Darkly, I think that's gonna be insane. It's filming is sorta kinda like Sin City's, but the plot is sooooo much better, much much deeper. Another 'cult' classic, if you will. The return of Winona Ryder! I guess we know who'll be sharing the bootleg copy of the movie with the world on Limewire.

    Btw, 'Totsi' is out on DVD now, do yourself a favour and RENT this movie! It'll change your life.

  4. it's filming is more like "Waking Life", which i'd assume you'd know, miss smarty pants. WL, by the way, gave me a lot of dreams. it was quite existentially scary. Scanner Darkly seems to cover much of that same territory, only in more of a thriller, and less of a talky-cerebral sense.

    yeah, i gotta rent Totsi. i almost wrote Tootsie, which i don't need to rent again.

    i don't know if the return of Winona would be enough to rouse me. maybe before Jennie came back into my life (yeah, the crushes don't hold much power over my decisions so much anymore).


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