Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I'm really liking this youtube thingamabob

Here's a Mars Ill video featuring Ahmad Jones of 4th Ave. Jones:


I checked out their myspace page today. They included mashups of a Jurassic 5 and an Outkast song. That took me by surprise. I just didn't figure that to be their style - like reverse mix-tapes.

"Sound Off"

In other news, I fried me up and fed me up a cheeseburger. It felt awkward, but as Micah points out, at least I didn't have to swallow it through a blender and a straw.


  1. Whoooooooooo YOUTUUUUUUBE!!! I'm like their Canadian MASCOT, you have no idea. I'm addicted to YouTube. They even have a video on there, for people who are indeed addicted to YouTube. lol.

    Tis great.

    Mars Ill is for forever the dopest. I will forever hate the word 'mashup' it sounds like it's trying hard to be a Jamaican word. When aaaaaaall Jamaicans know that remix-mixes aren't mashups, they're soundclasheeeesss!!!

    I dunno, felt like blabbing. Lemme watch the vids again :)

  2. and remixes are dubs, am i right? (i'm such a geek) hey, what can i say, if it weren't for the jamaican sound system, we wouldn't have hip hop, certainly not as we know it.

    i'm not jamaican. i'm quarter-rican, remember?

  3. I know you're quarter-rican silly, how can I forget. I was just speaking as a Jamaican in plural, something weird that we do.

  4. and by 'we' i'm assuming once again you mean 'you.'

    crazy schizoid-sahn.


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