Saturday, February 25, 2006

Is Banner Man gonna be there?

Where High Church meets Big Wheels.



  1. J! I *so* went to a Monster Truck rally ummm a couple weeks back for my friend's birthday bash. It was CRAZY! I was such a MAN that night, with my checkered flag waving and all. Estrogen was out to lunch.

    Grave Digger!!! He's like THE international trucker-hero.

    And to blend *that* with chu'ch!

    I'm THERE. (if I could be).

  2. that's it.

    "Sunday, sunday, sunday."

    heck, we got latte stops in the church walls, so why not take a similar approach with a diff demographic?

    hey, how bad am i - for someone so opposed to music stealing - to get a bootleg digital copy of the recalled Mars Ill's Pro Pain?

    i wonder how to go about making a love offering to dust and manCHILD (i'll buy the official version when it drops in May, but still...)

  3. is the grave digger to be confused with the gold digger?

    and, for the last time, you cannot become a man overnight. it takes work and time - and a little-known son that you have to make amends with if you want a chance at an oscar. witness 'Transamerica.'

  4. Your ticket gets you a whole seat, but you'll only need THE EDGE!!!

  5. that's a great line.

    y'know, i'm not too sure i wouldn't like to go to this church. somebody says that it's a sin to make the Bible boring. and another writer said that the ushers should be strapping people in the pews and giving them life-preservers, church is SUPPOSED to be exciting.

    though, i'm not sure if either meant that titanic destructive vehicles should careen through the aisles during the homily.


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