Monday, February 13, 2006

Happy Whatever Day

In honor of this semi-holiday (meaning I really don't know which holiday it is, just that I get off today for some president or something or another. Thank you, dead prez.), some more pieces of random memorability:

  • Bought Peter Gabriel's Passion this weekend. Which is funny for a couple reasons. One being that I rarely buy soundtracks. By principal, they shouldn't be listened to divorced of their cinematic source. I don't care what you think of John Williams, it just ain't natural to listen to that stuff through headphones, or blasting it, unless you're watching the movie to go along with it! Two, it's a soundtrack for a movie I'll never watch. Three, this ear infection has effectively closed up my right ear, so I'm at about 1/4 hearing through that side. Ok, that's not funny. And it's three.
  • A year later, we finally have a decent commentary on the impact of Crash. Thanks to Jeffrey Overstreet.
  • I don't really care for Wow Gospel 2006. At least not yet.
  • I don't care for the Winter Olympics. Not in the least.
  • Tomorrow's Valentine's Day. Sweetest Day is later in the year. Just in case you, like me, get those two mixed up.
  • A great little blog about the church I wrote up the other day. I wonder if it helps that I called it "A look at the whore"?
  • I'm not getting ANY work done today.
  • Oh, and a good little movie, certainly for Christians to look at, is End of the Spear. Finally saw it last night. Fast-paced, with only a few snafu's (some connections aren't really explained or developed, especially at the end), but definitely more worthwhile and enjoyable than The Gospel and about the same (unfortunately) as TL,tW,&tW.


  1. John Williams rocks - period.
    Your context of natural is not absolute.

  2. In the context of great, epic movies, yes indeed, JW does indeed rock. The entrance of a Superman or a Darth Vader, the near-death escapades of an Indiana Jones, a light saber duel to the death - these are all John Williams moments.

    Reading and doing dishes require somebody with a little more nuance, say, Def Leppard.

  3. You just need a more exciting life, that's all.

  4. more excitement, lady, is the least of my needs.

    sometimes my days are so exciting, i feel like crying.

  5. ay, bendito

    *offers tissue*


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