Monday, February 20, 2006

By the Hammer of Thor!

I usually save my religious ire for the new religions and spiritual trends. Anything less than a thousand years old, I think, is just not worthy to be taken seriously. Islam, Christianity and Judaism all have their roots going back thousands upon thousands of years in monotheism and have been firmly established, so that any large variations on them are absurd, yet sad ("I, too, can become a god? Where do I sign up?"). I don't think it's necessary to name names, so I won't.

Now, having said that and understanding that the myths of old are remnants of practiced religion (whether it be Greek, Roman, Australian, Chinese, Scandinavian, Mayan, etc.), I still have to say, is this guy for real? By the beard of Odin!


  1. Uncle Jonathan's corncob pipe!

    I think you are well within your rights to discount anyone who uses the phrase "As a worshipper of Odin".

  2. Holy Thunder, Loki!

    i mean, it's gotta be an extremely old religion, right? with a lot of devout followers during its time.

    but still...



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