Tuesday, August 30, 2005

First Entry: Abridged Traveblogue

The longer versions can be read at my xanga site and this one, specifically here. But before I begin to bastardize my own travelogue, you know the site meter at the bottom of the page (if you can ever get that far)? It tells me some interesting and sometimes not so interesting facts about visitors to this blog. Now, you know, I love you all and I really want more people to come around, feel at home, feel comfortable, feel as part of a community. Everyone, everyone, is welcomed here. You know, Come as you are. I don't want to put on pretenses or leave people out. But I am who I am and I write about what interests me. And what interests me may not interest others... blah, blah, blah.

Anyway, I guess this kid figured that I might have something that would interest him. I thought it was interesting, I don't get too many international visitors, esp. from the other side of the world. But, apparently, I guess I don't have enough "girls, cheeks."

Well, it interested me. So there.

Gary wins the title of Stinkiest Region in the Union. Hands down.

[N]ortheast section of Indiana (not much to brag about here, folks.)

He invited me to a screening of the original Star Wars... Being the nerd that I am, I would've gone in a heart beat. Being as far away as I am...

I am, however, profanely angry.

Michigan... truly is a beautiful state to visit. And spend money in. So many beautiful, old trees. So vibrant in green-ness.

"Abide in me. I will leave. I will send my Spirit. You will remain in me by obeying me..." This is a good part of the Gospel of John's focus for this period. It all seems to work so beautifully, so elegantly, so earthly yet eternally.

[Like Flanders:] "I'm sorry Jesus, I'm sorry Jesus!"

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