Saturday, July 16, 2005

People, I'm White!

I never did a John Walker-Lindh, I never pretended to be someone else. But some people have assumed (partially for cultural reasons, or the fact that I tended to have conversations with and about African Americans) that I'm Black. I'm not. In a sense, I'm not White either. But, I talk more about that here and in the near-to-distant future. In the meantime, I thought it just an excuse to post a picture of myself, but since I don't care for my pix, I decided to post a group photo. Thanks, Lori, miss ya kid.

10 points to the first one who guesses which one I am.


  1. why is this picture not coming out right? probably something with the conversion. yuck!


    The white-a-rican in living color! intriguing.

    I was hesitating to check this picture out. 1) because when you talk to someone before you see how they look, you tend to project/create an image of how they look beforehand (which I did) and 2) Now I see I got a few things right, which is a lil eerie and 3) It doesn't change things, but in a sense it makes you more 'real' I suppose, not just a figment with a funky voice, hee hee.

    *waves at pic* Hiiii Jasooooon!

    Shabbat Shalom. Oops, I'm a Talmud breaker! Ahhh, let the Kohen sue me.

  3. what's the kohen?

    and me, a figment? for shame. and still, what do you mean by funky voice?

    happy shabbat.

  4. Dude! Cute purse! Looks like you have a hand growing out of your shoulder though...and also, I have a purple cut-off just like that.

  5. and the winner of the ten points is adam!

    sorry, y'all!

    isn't it to die for? you like the frillies?

  6. oh, and christine,


    yes, i'm working overtime to suppress my joy, putting on my serious face and my bttf shirt, shutting my hands in my pockets (the '05 b-boy stance).

    wish i knew where that trucker hat is though. man, i miss it. (actually, it's probably too dirty even for me)

  7. Here's a compliment though.
    I swuuuuur you look like you'd fit right into this picture:

    but you don't have those funky bleach/creased pantalons that seem to be oh-so en vogue.


  9. Crapations!

    just go to

    and then enter and then in the top right corner like it's not even there, click the "command" key and go to MEDIA and then go to the pic of them over the puddle...

    yeah that's Jasdizzy's boys'n'em...

  10. yeah, i have their poster. i thought that was cool that they were trying to look like me (since this was from last summer).

  11. Anonymous8:57 PM

    You're the dorky guy in the blue ringer...duh!

  12. again, adam was the first to guess, however incorrectly.

    i love you too, timi (h & superwoman h! haha!)

  13. Waaaaaaiiiitttt....
    so you're

    I want a recount.
    And a lawyer.

    and my 10 points.

  14. the count (as best as i can remember it):

    1/4 puerto rican (with 1/2 of that split between spanish and french)

    3/5's brit/celt (Irish, English, Scottish)

    1/7 Dutch

    3/19 Luxembourgeouis

    3/2000 Canary Islander

    you might have to settle for that ambulance chaser on the simpsons (lame show tonight, by the way. or what i saw of it. should've made fun of left behind when people remembered it) that loses all of his cases.

    your 10 points are in the mail.

  15. what exactly is 1/7 Dutch? fractions confuse me when it coems to heritage and ethnicity...oh my head!

  16. Anonymous2:41 PM

    i'm so confused.

    the guy in the blue shirt?

  17. Hold up, the 10 points are mine, first off.

    Secondly, LOL the D5 pic isn't the same without ya in it, J. Adam's a jean-ius.

    And they're called 'ribbed stained stone-washed denim' guys are SO not fashion-forward! *flips fro* *gets hand tangled in it* *mumbles and walks out*

    P.S. I owe you like 5 emails. No more emails from you! hee hee :) Oh yeah, what happened to that other post, why'd you take it off?

  18. destiny,

    did you add them up? tell me what you come up with.

    you're late on it.


    you were the first to comment, but you never guessed or pointed to anyone in particular (except a very general wave). adam's 'guess' was funnier (and still less mean than timi's. wait til i tell y'all the messages she gives me. it's payback time).

    the other one was another joke post and nobody commented on time, so i was able to take it out w/o having to suffer its dredges for weeks on end (cf. the garbage pail kids. ironically, one of the most popular commented ones.)

    and who's wearing 'rib-stained stone-washed denim'? me? or deepspace? 'cuz i haven't eaten ribs in a while, so i don't know HOW those got there, i swear! now, bbq sauce, on the other hand...

  19. wait, you cannot expect me to convert all those into the same denominator in order to add them up...shoot, that takes up way too much of my precious time..although I am taking up time to type this response...oh well..whatever

  20. what precious time? it's summer, bay-bay!

    enjoy it. multiply and get those sweet common denominators.

    'cuz who else will? not i. i is an englich teechur. maff me no gud at.

  21. Anonymous8:15 PM

    Wait a minute! mean you arent even 1/410th african? WHAT THE???

  22. i don't know if there really is ANY african in my blood lines.

    except for that whole genetic ancestry link.

    as far as the canary islands, my efforts so far to get to whether or not we have any forebearers from there (via P.R.) have hit a dead end. i guess i could call up the mormons, but that's way too freaky for me, napolean dynamite aside.

    i guess y'all are just gonna have to accept me for me (besides, look at me. do i look at all black? even p.r.? just 'cuz i don't hit people's expectations at first glance doesn't mean i should meet their other expectations.)

    blind boys of alabama: run on
    it's been a while since i spinned this.

  23. LOl @ timi's 1/410th African.

    That would be Tiger Woods' offspring sis.

    As for J's 1/7th Dutch:

    "Yuck, de Nederlanders zuigt! Die vooral gedeeltelijke dutchies!!!"


  24. "Het is al liefde J."

    "J is een lange dork met een vrachtwagenchauffeurhoed."

    "J is zo lang zoals een monument."

    "Ik probeer om Puerto Rican in u te vinden, u hout clicker."

    HAHAHAHAHA, this is too much fun.

    I LOVE the word vrachtwagenchaufferhoed, btw.

  25. "Yuck, de Nederlanders zuigt! Die vooral gedeeltelijke dutchies!!!"




    i know you are but what am i?

    timi WANTS me to be black!

  26. We, lawyers representing Mr. Jason Dye, are speaking on his behalf. We ask you to cease and desist all language that inisists or suggests in any sense that Mr. Dye is or ever has been - or even has thoughts or fantasies of - being a woodclicker. Such references to his height making him appear as a monument are also to be suppressed.

    Thank you for your compliance. We will be back if necessary.

    Have a good night.

  27. what's a woodclicker?

  28. a mean and vile mis-representation of the Dutch people.

  29. now why do we need to be takin' punches at the dutch..they've done a lot for us

  30. see, christine? the dutch have done a lot for us.

    van gogh.
    mies van de rhoe.
    the girl with the pearl earring.
    windmills (or is that the swiss?)
    jackie chan's 'who am i?'

    yeah, a lot of good things.
    oh wait.
    red light districts.
    w/o those, the Police would have merely been a five-hit wonder.

    *ahem* Roox-anne, you don't have to
    turn on the Re-ed lights
    *enjoying himself too much* *angry masses yelling at him to quit* *bathroom barricade is ready to topple*

  31. 'vrachtwagenchauffeurhoed', that's gotta mean truckdriver.

    i recognize wagen and chauffeur. vracht could mean hat (germish, what a funny language. ha!)

  32. WAIT, SO I WAS RIGHT?!!! and are we talking about the same blue-shirted dude?

    and yes i do have a blogspot.

  33. alibabba,

    it's empty.


    you need to slowly leave that virus/as-box that is xanga. and join us in the freer domains.

    glad to hear from ya again... kid.


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