Monday, July 18, 2005

Aslan is going to be played by...

Drumroll please....




Liam "Schindler" Neeson.

And the best joke (sorry I couldn't find the link, but credit goes to Peter T. Chattaway) I've heard about this so far, "This would make at least three films this year that Neeson has either given someone a sword and/or taught them to use it."
I see you still haven't learned to be aware of your bearings.

Lewisheads and fantasy film lovers: More Narnia news from ComicCon [Sorry, don't really know much about it. Kinda scares me. Comic book conventions, not The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, of which Aslan is the Lion.] available here. (If you haven't registered yet, what's your prob?)


  1. Is it bad that I get Liam Neeson confused with Orlando Bloom almost ALL the time? They don't even look a like. They have NOTHING in common. I dunno why I always think one is the other.

    Anyway more on topic, ummmm, do you think this movie will give me more insight on the timeless tales of Narnia? I think now that I'll have more SPARE time on my hands *ahem*, I should cop the books and read em. But honestly, I just wanna see the movie.

  2. since the movie doesn't come out til December, you may have a bit more spare time than you would anticipate, honeychil'.

    how the hezekiah walker do you confuse those two? o, didn't liam play orlando's father in 'kingdom of heaven' (you already know what i thought of the usurpery of that title)? i was gonna say, neeson's old enough to be his father at least.

    free time started today, poet?

  3. they are both english...easy to get 'em confused..sure! However, Liam Neeson has the potential to be a classic actor of our generation, whereas Orlando, although very appealing to the eye, and a very delightful actor, may be swept up in what I call the "dicaprio-consumption". Then we will only remember him from the old days...

  4. Christine, if you send me your address, I'll send you the Entire chronicles on mp3...

    Jason, man, I can't explain it...Aslan is the single most impacting fictional character i've ever read. I'v never been more affected by a character in a I have to think about that...but it always feels like the words are coming straight from God when he speaks...(Hence my defense of Emeth the Calormen...AND...don't forget that Emeth acknowledges Aslan as God before he's accepted in...

  5. those were bbc reads, right? i wonder if they couldn't get the same person to do the voice of Aslan here.

    you know, a REAL voice talent. like james earl jones *mufasa with an extra heaping of growling*

  6. and destiny, honey-child, no way is orlando bloom hotter than leonardo dicaprio?

    are you on drugs?

    but on the serious side, dicaprio is a good actor (no sean penn jokes, please.) bloom, on the other hand, lacks charisma - outside of the whole Lord of the Rings thing. maybe it was the elfin wig. but weren't you bored watching him in Pirates of the Carribean (which, by the way, when Revolt starts a radio station, that's what it's gonna be called).

  7. first off, orlando bloom IS hotter than leonardo dicaprio. I mean dicaprio is so 1999! Anyways, aside from that I do believe that orlando has more charisma than you give him credit for. I just believe he doesn't want to become too much of the hollywood stereotype, personally! But those are just my two cents!


  8. lol, J, Destiny's right. Orlando's way hotter than Leonardo. Leo however, is the most amazing actor and therefore it's an insult to even compare him to Bloom in that respect. Leo's one of the great's him to Ralph Fiennes.

  9. you say 1999 like its the dark ages.

    i think that good actors give a mixed combination of nuanced performances and exuded charisma. brando - both. nicholson - definitely the latter. deniro - more the first, though both are big. decaprio - more the first. bloom - blah.

    and, there you have 'em.

  10. It is the dark ages, I mean the whole Y2K fiasco, and then Titanic is full-throttle around that time, not to mention the beginnings of mass reality was rough times! :)

    I'm not even gonna debate the performance/charisma part of your post b/c honestly...I'm apathetic right now...:-/

    later yo

  11. ahh y2k. almost forgot about that.

    paranoia was rampant, especially amongst us conservative evangelicals. why is it we're always looking for an armaggedeon? it's like we want to justify those wretched hal lindsey 'prophecy' books and abysmal literature and movies that have been all the rage in the last quarter of the last century.

    don't pretend that you (along with every other female reading this) didn't watch titanic at least 20 times.

    what does this :-/ mean? it looks like a slanty sad face. i hope you're ok.

  12. it's an "eh, i don't care"-face! everything's good, thanks for the curiosity! and the titanic thing..I actually own it! It was one of my favorite movies...sad to say!


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