Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Collective begins... Now!

It's not complete yet. The design, as of this writing, is about as blase as can be. But the collective is riding.
Yes, this image was in the Shameless Plug post. But I doubt you'd know that, because nobody read it.

We've baptized it Further Up and Further In. It's a statement that C. S. Lewis penned some years ago in the Last Battle, the finale of the Chronicles of Narnia, of which The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe was the first written and released (Note: for further, I had already deposited a ton of links here - they're hidden in the lyrics). The quote is a call by Aslan to explore the infinite of heaven, to enter into and enjoy the fullness of paradise.

My first post is up, today (but it's under Adam's photo, which was put up the other day), as well as the funniest inaugural post I've ever read, done by mad-skills Adam. Although you may have to be versed in the evangelical subculture to understand it. And you may have to be versed in a whole mess of other stuff to grasp mine (like borderline insanity). But read it, people!

Anyway, I'll be posting there once a week, updating frequently, but always looking for critical feedback. Honestly, tell me what you think. I want to be able to publish (as in, print) some of this stuff.



  1. Anonymous12:51 PM

    I am so hungry.

  2. what are you, fasting? perpetually.

    gosh, teens... you're always hungry.

  3. Anonymous11:24 PM

    i WAS fasting, not no more..i've been online too much, i gotta fast again.

    and yeah thas right-teens. i'm always hungry. i got my cherries righ here, midnight snack...but you know what i was havin a period of was insane, i just could NOT eat, and i was like LORD JESUS SOMETHIN IS WRONG WITH ME IM NOT EATING!


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