Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Live by the experience sword, die by the experience sword


First and foremost, down with the experience myth. The man generally recognized as the best president of the United States and as the establisher of the Republican Party was in the House of Representatives for two years. He was a state representative in Illinois for, what, eight years? He ran a couple times for US senator but lost, most famously to his lifelong rival, Stephen Douglas. Two years after that, he is picked to run the country.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt himself spent just over two years in the New York Senate as well as one term as New York governor before beginning a historic twelve year run as one of the most popular presidents in US history.

Let's face it, nobody is fully prepared for the tasks at hand when they step into that oval office. I do not think that leading this country (or any, really):

is a question so much of experience as of character. And for my money, McCain has lost his compass a few years ago when he decided to back Bush policies. John McCain was a maverick. John McCain was a reformer.

All of this wouldn't bother me so much if the Republican party had focused on character issues and general policy issues rather than experience. And now their choice for VP (one who you have to admit, does not have the credentials no matter how you spin it) is just making them talk in stupid circles. Let them keep talking: it should make the American people angry that they are treating us like some insipid children.

I stole this from Arachnerd


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