Monday, September 29, 2008

It's the economy, stupid, lazy, shiftless, leaderless...

So, now what?

I'm not smart enough. I don't know what we need. I'd rather us not plunge into foolhearty plans or reward people for acting foolishly with citizens' hard-won and -saved monies. But there needs to be some spine in Washington. I'd rather that we not buy known junk with this idea that we may get our money back (loans would be better, won't they?), but can't someone out there just have the balls to say, "Enough is enough." What happens in Wall Street affects Main Street in this country. Sorry to break the news to you so fast. But we are not an agrarian culture any longer.

We live and die by trading and paper money. Worthless things on their own. Both based on an economy of confidence. Once we lose confidence in what we are trading in, it becomes less than worthless - people's lives are thrown about. I wish I could just slap some of these traders around for a while, but I guess it just doesn't work like that.

But, somehow, whether or not the markets just need to fix themselves, I doubt that the politicos in Washington are doing (or even capable of doing) anything other than posturing and ptoa'ing. And that certainly includes that economically clueless nominee for the Republican Party.

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