Monday, September 22, 2008

I've neevr flet btteer tahn wehn I'm dinog tihs.

I don't think this works so well with my articles. It's the scrambled reading text. You know, where they change the order of the letters in between the first and the last letters in every word
and your mind unscrambles it because it reads more from context than just straight left-to-right.

There is now a website that, I don't know how they do it. Haven't the phoggiest, really. But you type in the address of a web page and it'll show you that page with the letters all scrambled up. Honestly, I think that mine's a little scraggly even for me to read. Check it out:

Nwes of the Wreid: Wmceloe Bcak Ctetur etiiodn

I wetand to rlol out the ol' NtoW lsat week, but the pkiicn's wree simmelr tahn the cachens of an Aaslakn dnieyng goball wrinmag (eevn Pialn ddin't dney it. She mleery rfteued the csaue of it. She can't pilossby be in any ltiboybss' pcketos). Tihs week, hveweor, we got the run of the leittr, as alebolutsy noodby on ertah syas. So, hufloeply we can do a few tihs week to mkae up for psat snis (and we got a LOT of mniakg up to do).

Aincordcg to one kfnie-widnileg pncaripatit, it was "aytinnhg geos" at a Ghneitrag of the Pcak ciitotpoemn... snoserpod by the Dog Berhotrs fghit culb of Los Alngees. A Rteures rptreeor dieberscd two men wuoihtt pdiandg banetig ecah ohetr wtih havey sktics and atnheor two who fhougt wtih erccltlaleiy carehgd kivens. The kifne deul eendd wehn one of the feitrhgs seplpid a hnad fere form a wilrnsteg hlod and aeldellgy ptlenad a 1,000-vlot cgrhae on his onpepnot. Siad one fuirt-and-vggiee-srtoe meagnar form Cnadaa, "I've neevr flet btteer tahn wehn I'm dinog tihs."

h/t to Marko


  1. Um... I dn'ot gte ti.

  2. remember that the first and the last letters of any word always stay in the same location. so your sentence should have read, "Um... I dn'ot get it." or "Um... I d'not get it." Something along those lines.

  3. Thanks for correcting my attempt at this 21st century version pig latin there buddy!


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