Monday, June 23, 2008

Blogging Slow-Down

I'm trying something new here. I'm trying my hand at freelance writing - and hoping to sometime (sooner than later would be nice) land some paying gigs. So, for the time-being, I'm going to lay low here. Which is just as well because I was running out of links I like to link to (although last week, Stuff Christians Like hit an apex. Pure gold. Check it out. I won't tell you what posts, necessarily, but I'm sure you'll agree with the reader who believes that heaven will look like a reunited DCTalk, ultimate frisbee-playing Jesus, a moonbounce surface, and talking unicorns).

In my spare time this week I'll be working on my manuscript for a book of essays I started a year ago. I would like to have three of the essays polished and ready to send out by the end of next week. But I need some good eyes, some people to read my stuff and be brutally honest with me. To be critical in the best sense of the word: What works, how does it work, what doesn't, what's broken, what demons need to be exorcized or lobotomized. That type of stuff.

If you want a copy, leave a comment or email me directly at (yes! I don't have to care who sees this and my name together! That's liberating!) and I'll send you a copy, hopefully before the weekend.

Much love,

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