Saturday, May 10, 2008

"You're the best gym teacher ever!"

Today I was roaming the halls during my one lunch break/prep period (probably refilling liquid in my system while unloading the old liquid from it) and a kid says that to me.

"You're the best gym teacher ever."

I said what you can assume one should say in such a situation. "Thanks." Which sounds weird in a bathroom. He's not the towel guy.

On many other occasions, I'd been on the receiving end of other free-floating and unsolicited opinions regarding myself, my work, and - quite dubiously, since the students can satisfy this curiosity by looking at my left hand or quite possibly asking me - my sexual identity.

Aw, but now the expectations are high, the bar is raised - supposedly to my favor. Yet, not only can I not live up to the hype, I can't even justify the title. Not "Best", nor even "Gym Teacher".

--- Note: I have taken down this blog to re-fix it as part of an upcoming book about my teacher experiences.

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