Monday, March 17, 2008

Listen (oo-ah-oo) listen closely and I'll tell you a secret

Having been a youth leader and teacher most of my adult life, in a sense, the secret lives of girls isn't really new to me. After all, having read so many barely-shielded journals of teenagers (and definitely hearing more than my share of unsolicited out-loud thoughts), nothing should shock me anymore. But yet, I'm always shocked, frustrated, angry and saddened reading these types of thoughts (which mostly 10-15 year old girls posted on a page in Allykatz).

“Some times I want to shoot myself...”

“I'm sick of being lied to. I'm sick of being betrayed. I'm sick of putting other people's burdens on me and thinking it won't hurt me. I wish I had some true friends, not just one or two. I wish I could have one of those big groups of friends like EVERYBODY does at school. I wish. But I only wish...”

“all right i am in love with a guy who has a gf and i dont know if i still like this other guy my family drives me nuts and when i get annoyed by them they yell at me and i just wanna go into my room and cry sometimes but when i am in my room sometimes my dad will walk in and see what i am doing so i cant cry because they will find out i just need him so much i want him to be able to tell me everything is okay. ”

“i have a crush on my brother”

“my bffs mock me, we wer @ a slep ovr an di was asleep but 1/2 awake.. my eyes closed i herd the mtalk about me lke "yea hshe listens 2 since u been gone! lol" and then moked the song!!! i hte u guys now! 2 of ya r on here! and omg, this all sucks.......i wanna die.... like suicide now! and i wanna b out of this house.. free on my own! w/ my frends u kno rent a duplex w/ my bff she shares the house w/ me.. omg we even r plannning on that! =) good times...... until my BF and ibroke up got back 2gethr and stuff ever since that....... they hate me, sadly they(my bff and othr bff) got him & me 2getrhr!!!!! it makes me wanna kill myself”

But some of the secrets posted here (for the benefit, btw, of other female teens and tweens who are going through similar emotional turmoil) are funny -intentionally or not.

“im goth on the outside but on the inside im a preppy. Like secretly if i could paint my room i woould paint it pink.”

“I lyke a jerk!! Dunno y either! Just so hot i guess!! ”

“I want to be emo but I want to be preppy. sometimes I 'll wear stuff from AERO or abercombie and fitch. And sometimes I'll wear stuff like skelanimals and I just dyed my hair black... EMO OR PREPPY????* UGHUGHUGH”

“don don doooooonn guess what my secret is? i want a pet MONKEY!!!!!!!!! but everyone thinks im CRAZY!!!!!! oh and im obsessed with saying i like pie!**..."

h/t to Marko

*Aren't they the same?
**I, also, like pie.

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